Sep 122017

The client was an has an 8 inch step into his shower which he cannot manage and he needs something to hold on to when entering/exiting his shower. After considering various options it was agreed to provide a new half step that had a hand rail either side. This would be free standing, with the […]

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Sep 122017
Special patio door latch for mobility scooter user

The client uses a small mobility scooter to get about her house. The exit to the garden is through patio doors that are hinge mounted. The client can open one door, but the opening is too narrow. There is a catch at the top of the other door which the client cannot reach, and so […]

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Sep 122017

The client is severely disabled and can only move about with the aid of a walker.  He has a decking path in his garden which has a step up to it.  He requires a ramp at the end of the path so that he can access it with his walker. Bristol case ref 8\17-06 case […]

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Sep 102017
Bicycle wrist support

The client wants to resume riding a bike after a hand injury but found it too painful grip the handlebars for any length of time. He could not operate both brakes because of lack of grip. Remap designed a wrist support which still allowed him full control for steering. This comprised a plastic tube with […]

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Sep 102017
Walker locking restraint post for adapted van

The client uses a 4-wheeled walker and has a specially adapted van her and her husband. The van is fitted with electrically operated floor locking devices to suit wheelchairs etc. Remap was asked to add a special post to the walker so that it would lock into one of these posts to stop it sliding […]

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Sep 102017
Wheelchair baby safety restraint bars

The client is wheelchair bound and often carries his infant son on his lap. A safety bar was needed to stop the child from slipping off his lap. A ‘T’ shaped removable post was designed, comprising a hook to fit the wheelchair 30 x 30 mm cross tube, made from bent steel strip. The handle was […]

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Sep 102017
Cot side hinged gate

The client had difficulty in lifting her child from her cot and asked Remap to fit a child-proof hinged gate to one side. The existing cot side was cut and a hinged section added. It was fitted with a key operated locking bolt. Bristol case ref 7\17-08

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Sep 102017
Fishing landing net adaption

Our client who is a keen fisherman has weak grip in his left hand and asked Remap to provide an adaption which would enable him to manage his landing net. This comprised a padded gutter support for his elbow plus a large handle with an end plate which he could grip. Bristol case ref 7\17-05

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Jul 032017
Window opener   Essexnorth job 16/1467

Client confined to wheelchair could not reach the window catches in his new purpose built apartment.  Remap Essexnorth made a window opener that enabled the client to open left or right hand window from his wheelchair. Aluminium tube that fits over window handle is lined with bicycle inner tube kept in place by cable ties […]

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Jul 032017
Attachment to carry walking frame on a mobility scooter Essexnorth job 16/1483

Client needed to use a walking frame but used a mobility scooter to get around , thus needed to carry the walking frame on the scooter. A steel frame was made that attached to the existing mounting points under the seat and rested upon the scooter frame at the bottom. The walker as rather large […]

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