Feb 062018
Power Assisted Picker

Client is a 9 years old with joint problems, they cannot bend down to pick things up and has weakness in wrists and hands. They have tried 2 different sorts of “pick up sticks”, neither useful as mechanical system offers to much resistance. So I decided it would have to be some sort of electromechanical system. After […]

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Dec 182017
Squeeze machine Essex North Job 16/15

Squeeze Machine Essex North Job 16/1501 This is the third Squeeze machine Essex North has made. They are all similar being two air mattresses constrained so that a person lying between them will be squeezed once they are inflated. The pump for this incarnation is a modified Mangar Bath aid pump. The article in the […]

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Dec 162017
Sip/Puff Sewing Machine Pedal Actuator Essex North Job 17/1553

This sip/puff actuator was developed from an original design from the Herefordshire Panel, the electrical circuits  and motor are exactly the same as the Herefordshire Panel Device. I modified the actuator to use a cam and lever after realising almost all of the older sewing machine pedals are identical. More modern machines pedals differ. Motor […]

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Sep 122017
Walker one-handed brake conversion

The client has a weak right hand grip and needed both brakes to be operated by her left hand. A conversion kit was made which feeds both brake cables to a common splitter. This was a standard ” Bristol conversion”. Bristol case ref 5\17-19

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Sep 122017

A 6 Years old child has a small wooden trolley, supplied by the referrer, which she uses to push her ventilator equipment around the house. The child’s trolley has 4 fixed wheels and is difficult to turn around corners with the heavy respirator equipment, the child having to almost lift the trolley around. Can Remap […]

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Sep 122017

The client needed a special ramp outside of his back door which could be easily removed when not in use. The car port floor is not flat and slopes in both directions so that the height of the step varies between 180mm and 190mm across the width of the door. After discussion with the client […]

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Sep 122017

The client was an has an 8 inch step into his shower which he cannot manage and he needs something to hold on to when entering/exiting his shower. After considering various options it was agreed to provide a new half step that had a hand rail either side. This would be free standing, with the […]

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Sep 122017
Special patio door latch for mobility scooter user

The client uses a small mobility scooter to get about her house. The exit to the garden is through patio doors that are hinge mounted. The client can open one door, but the opening is too narrow. There is a catch at the top of the other door which the client cannot reach, and so […]

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Sep 122017

The client is severely disabled and can only move about with the aid of a walker.  He has a decking path in his garden which has a step up to it.  He requires a ramp at the end of the path so that he can access it with his walker. Bristol case ref 8\17-06 case […]

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Sep 102017
Bicycle wrist support

The client wants to resume riding a bike after a hand injury but found it too painful grip the handlebars for any length of time. He could not operate both brakes because of lack of grip. Remap designed a wrist support which still allowed him full control for steering. This comprised a plastic tube with […]

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