Apr 012013

What is it?   In 1988 the American National Science Foundation started to fund a programme to provide funds for student engineers at universities throughout the United States to construct custom designed devices and software for individuals with disabilities. Through the “Biomedical Engineering & Research Aiding Persons with Disabilities” Program, funds are awarded competitively to […]

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Apr 012013
Electrolytic De-Rusting

Remap Panels sometimes benefit from the donation of tools and equipment.  Unfortunately it often happens that the tools have been lying disused in a damp atmosphere for months or years and may have significant amounts of rust on them.  Cleaning them using wire wheels and the like is a dirty job and often doesn’t work […]

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Apr 012013
Low Temperature Thermoplastic - Polymorph

Polycaprolactone (Polymorph, Morphplast) A low temperature theromplastic polymer of considerable interest to Remap members. It has a fusing temperature of about 60° C and can be hand moulded to produce brackets, handles etc.  Polymorph can be turned to a mouldable condition by immersion in hot water.  When put in hot water it turns from opaque […]

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