Sep 042014

As well as Polycaprolactone and Sugru there are a number of mouldable plastics and foam sheets used by therapists which can be used to make padding or particular shapes.  As with many substances aimed at the medical market these can be very expensive and there are often much cheaper commercial/industrial substances available with similar properties. […]

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Sep 042014

Non-slip materials sheet materials include soft flexible sheets or formed shapes designed to hold plates in place or help grip jars when removing lids.  Rigid sheets are more usually used on things such as ramps.  Dycem produce a range of non-slip soft plastic sheet and grip aids. Anti slip sheets and tapes designed […]

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Apr 012013
Low Temperature Thermoplastic - Polymorph

Polycaprolactone (Polymorph, Morphplast) A low temperature theromplastic polymer of considerable interest to Remap members. It has a fusing temperature of about 60° C and can be hand moulded to produce brackets, handles etc.  Polymorph can be turned to a mouldable condition by immersion in hot water.  When put in hot water it turns from opaque […]

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