Feb 172017
Window Opener - Quick and Easy

Following a rash of window opener jobs I decided to try and find a quick, easy, inexpensive and efficient solution for most windows. I have developed an opener that in many cases allows for the job to be completed in a single visit of less than 30 minutes. The big problem that panel members encounter […]

Oct 142015
Furniture/Bed Raisers and Ramps

The first Remap job ever was for a ramp, for Pat Johnson’s sister. Since then the statutory provision of basic aids has improved considerably but Remap still makes ramps and other simple devices for our clients as well as more complex aids.  However, sometimes we are asked to produce aids when there are readily available […]

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Oct 142015
Non-Slip Finishes for Outside Use

Remap makes many outside objects such as ramps which require a non-slip finish.  This article looks at some of the options available. Commercial Non-Slip Products There are a  number of suppliers of non-slip products (as opposed to paints). Two of the better known are Suigeneris and Step-on-Safety.  They make pre-fabricated glass fibre non-slip strips and […]

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Oct 142015

This section contains 3D printer files for a number of useful devices.   The GCode versions are for the Ultimaker2 printer unless identified otherwise. Tin Markers for Blind User With no eyesight all tins feel the same and after a bit beans on custard looses it’s attraction.  These markers are different shapes and have a large […]

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Feb 162015
Oxygen cylinder stowage on mobility scooters

Design Considerations for an Oxygen Cylinder Holder for Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters (Bristol Remap case reference 11\14-07) Design Considerations The table below summarise some design considerations for the oxygen cylinder holder: Information Design Consideration Oxygen cylinders are safety critical to the user The holder material must be strong enough to securely hold the cylinder. The […]

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Sep 042014

As well as Polycaprolactone and Sugru there are a number of mouldable plastics and foam sheets used by therapists which can be used to make padding or particular shapes.  As with many substances aimed at the medical market these can be very expensive and there are often much cheaper commercial/industrial substances available with similar properties. […]

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Sep 042014

Non-slip materials sheet materials include soft flexible sheets or formed shapes designed to hold plates in place or help grip jars when removing lids.  Rigid sheets are more usually used on things such as ramps.  Dycem produce a range of non-slip soft plastic sheet and grip aids. http://dycem-ns.com/node/42 http://dycem-ns.com/onlinestore Anti slip sheets and tapes designed […]

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Jun 162014
Guide to Photography for Remap

Picture quality is important if images are to be used to promote Remap’s work and also if others are to be able to build upon previous work.  They are a most valuable contribution to the growing body of Remap knowledge and preserve your work and ideas so that others can benefit from them. Including People […]

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Jun 162014
Preparing material for Remapedia

Introduction Remapedia was originally developed using a Wiki based application. Unfortunately development of the base application made it less suitable for our use and at the same time other applications developed in a direction which suited us. In particular the very popular blogging application WordPress became more popular as a content management system (in its […]

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Apr 012013
NSF Example Project

These are two projects taken from the 2006 National Science Foundation Design Projects for people with disabilities yearbook. To look at the indexes and download the yearbooks please go HERE. CHAPTER 10 STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT BUFFALO School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 335 Jarvis Hall Buffalo, […]

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