Dec 262014
Self Answering Telephone

The requirement was to enable a lady who had lost the use of her arms to continue to use her own speaker phone to receive telephone calls from relatives. The problem was solved by wiring out the contacts of the ‘Handsfree’ pushbutton to a jack socket on the side of the phone. A set of […]

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Apr 152014
Paging device

The client, in his early twenties, has Down’s syndrome and has limited sight and hearing. He likes to occupy himself in his room but is subject to epileptic seizures usually triggered by being taken by surprise. His family needed a gentle means of attracting his attention when necessary, for example, when meals are ready. The […]

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Apr 142014
Modified telephone

The client is autistic and has learning problems. He wished to be able to telephone his mother but cannot handle multiple buttons on the phone. A standard telephone with memory button was fitted with a plastic mask so that only one button was visible. The client can easily contact his mother. West Midlands 06/39/B 2007

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Apr 122014
High heart rate alarm

The client, a young 11 year old child with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, can have a silent fit whilst asleep. This is accompanied with a dramatic increase in heart rate and immediate medical attention is required. To alert the parent, a high heart rate alarm has been suggested. The client will not tolerate wired electrodes […]

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Apr 102014
Entry phone

This lady lives in a block of flats and is confined to bed. She cannot apply enough pressure to operate her entry phone. A wooden base with two long operating levers fitted to a bracket was made and the phone screwed on to it. With the extended leverage, the client could push the buttons. She can […]

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Apr 102014
Emergency wireless alarm

The client is a tetraplegic with asthma. His condition prevents him from shouting for help or even using a call button to summon assistance. His requirement was therefore for an alarm system that could be easily activated with a minimum of effort. A wireless door bell push/sender unit was fitted into a purpose built plastic […]

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Mar 102014
Bath water level sensor

An adult blind person likes to be as independent as possible around the house, including taking a bath. He has a problem knowing when the bath has reached the required level. A level alarm system was made. The sensor is suspended down the inside of the bath, attached by wire to the alarm which is […]

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