Jun 022018
BK2018/33 – Wheelchair wheel straightening jig

  A wheelchair basketball club frequently damage their wheels and find it difficult and expensive to get them straightened at bicycle repair shops, whose jig are made for bicycles which have different spindles from wheelchairs. A simple jig was made that can be stored and transported easily and used while seated (unlike bicycle jigs which […]

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Apr 302013
Throwing frame for Eliza

In spite of having cerebral palsy, Eliza is keen on sport and throws discus and clubs competitively.  She represented the south west region at the national Schools Championship in 2012 and won a silver medal in discus. She and her father Jon approached Remap to ask if they could help her progress by making her […]

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Apr 292013
Throwing frame for Derek

  Derek lost his legs in 2007 when the Landrover he was travelling in in Afghanistan was blown up by an anti-tank mine. But 15 months later he was picked as one of six members of the British armed forces to develop their sporting potential at a training camp in California. Derek was chosen not […]

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