Sep 132018
BK2018/80 - Modify iPad support bracket to fit wheelchair

      The client had purchased an iPad support bracket to attach to his motorised wheelchair, but this was made of round section aluminium and not compatible with the smaller, square tube mounting bracket provided under the wheel chair’s arm. In addition, trial positioning the support bracket with the client in his chair demonstrated […]

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Jul 032017
Attachment to carry walking frame on a mobility scooter Essexnorth job 16/1483

Client needed to use a walking frame but used a mobility scooter to get around , thus needed to carry the walking frame on the scooter. A steel frame was made that attached to the existing mounting points under the seat and rested upon the scooter frame at the bottom. The walker as rather large […]

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Jun 082017
BK2017/39 - Move wheelchair controller

Existing location of controller …  … and required location. New carrier plate and re-used clamping bracket The new arrangement The client’s pedestrian-controlled motorised wheelchair was awkward to manoeuvre in restricted spaces because the rear-mounted controller protruded too far and there was insufficient adjustment in its mounting bracket. A new carrier plate was made to fit the […]

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Feb 262017
BK2017/04 - Wheelchair tray

Table mounted on wheelchair Starboard mounting bracket  The client requires a table for his motorised wheelchair, but none is available from its manufacturer. The client’s OT had several unused tables available.  One was chosen, and brackets made and fitted to the chair’s arms. The clamp bolts were colour-coded port and starboard. Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/04. […]

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Jun 222016
Wheelchair bumper

Project #16/23/C: Wheelchair bumper Client with inoperable broken hip often needed to have legs raised.  The wheelchair utilised special leg raisers which were vulnerable to breakage as were the occupant’s legs when manoevring.  Solution was to clamp a mount onto the wheelchair with a sliding U-tube adjustable for the various positions.  This provided a robust, […]

Dec 032015
Control of tremor

The client had trouble controlling the joystick of his wheelchair because of a severe tremor in his forearm. He was supplied with a wristband containing a flat rare earth magnet, and a small steel plate was attached to the arm of is wheelchair. The effect was to hold his wrist against the arm with sufficient […]

Oct 082015
Wheelchair special footrest modification

Physiotherapist working for South Glos community learning difficulties team, looking for a solution for a client who’s feet do not rest on his current foot plate on his wheelchair. It is his own electric powered wheelchair with a single footplate. However, because of his deformities, the way he sits in his mould in his chair […]

Aug 262015
BK2015/29 – Wheelchair bull bars

 Guard in use The parts used The client is particularly vulnerable to fractures to his ankles and so used to place his feet behind his wheelchair footrests to protect them from collision, which caused discomfort and pressure behind his knees. The stainless steel tubular guard provides the necessary protection to give him the confidence to […]

Jul 172015
BK2015/07 – Facility for child to ride on mobility scooter

Harness in use  Load-bearing harnessThe two harnesses combined The original request for a child seat was found not to comply with mobility scooter regulations.  It was agreed to make a harness to hold the child on the mother’s lap because it was felt that if a papoose-type arrangement is used by pedestrians, it could also […]

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