Mar 112016
BK2016/05 – Repair Arjo shower chair hoist

The condemned chair Refurbished chair. The client uses a hand-powered Arjo shower chair hoist for showering and to access the therapy pool.  It is very old and the powder-coating is failing, which has meant that a recent inspection has condemned it.  The modern equivalent model does not allow the seat to be lowered sufficiently to […]

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Dec 192015
BK2015/53 – Sock aid

  The client struggles generally with dressing, in particular putting on his socks, because he is unable to bend to any degree due to his condition.  The dressing aid supplied by social services required too much bending.  A commercial aid that would have suited (and similar in design to the one actually made) had poor […]

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Jul 302015
BK2015/24 – Dressing stick

  The client required a telescopic dressing stick with a handle suitable for her reduced hand gripping ability. The stainless steel telescopic shaft of an inspection tool formed the main body. An aluminium handle was formed to match theshape of the client’s hand, joined by a small cover plate. A turned aluminium boss was attached […]

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Jun 032015
BK2015/27 – Modified bath transfer bench

Bench with extension pieces fittedExtension pieces with boxwood dowel inserts, grooved to ensure free drainage. Legs with extension pieces fitted, retained with SS screws. The client’s bath transfer bench has adjustable legs to cope with the difference in height between the bath and floor, but this is insufficient for the client’s bath. The two outboard […]

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Nov 132014
BK2014/37 Modified Bathseat

Unmodified Medici bathseat Modified garden seat and SS parts Final modified Medic seat The client is hoisted into her bath and requires a seat to support her while she is showered.  The standard bath boards were not suitable for her shape of bath and the Medici seat she was using did not provide the necessary […]

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Oct 042014
BK2013/37 Urine bottle stand

  The client is unable to hold his urine bottle to urinate while sitting in his wheelchair due to reduced manual dexterity. This floor-mounted stand holds the bottle at the required height and angle.  The flat plywood base does not interfere with the wheels of the wheelchair. Berks Panel Job BK 2013/37.

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Sep 102014
BK2010/19 Aerosol actuator

Aerosol with foam cap   … with cap removed and valve stem exposed. Button spray nozzle and trigger gun fitted. The elastic band (kindly donated by Royal Mail) holds the lever up for ease of use. The client suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has great difficulty in using aerosols. Investigation showed that the aerosols in use […]

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Sep 082014
BK2014/26 Sliding shower seat

The existing shower with folding seat View showing basic construction   Roller bed and seat frame Locking latch & leg support  Finished sliding seat (on dummy legs) Installed in the shower cubicle The client has very limited movement in his right leg.  A means of aiding his transfer in/out of the shower was required that […]

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Jul 242014
BK2014/06 - Toileting support

Completed seat back in position. SS parts and one of the two webbing straps. Client requires support to maintain an upright position on her Geberit toilet at home. The style of the toilet means that the commercial toileting support systems cannot attach in the normal way (using the screws that secure the toilet seat on) […]

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