Oct 052017
BK2017/46 – Sacrificial chewing aid

The client has a compulsion to chew her clothing and needs a replacement sacrificial chew aid. Two fabric slings were modified with quick release snap connectors like the type that are used on ID badge neck straps. The device can be worn around the neck with low risk as the connectors will release if pulled […]

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Oct 052017
BK2008/15 – Vomit detector

The client is unable to reposition herself in bed and is at risk of choking on her own vomit if left unattended. A detector was made using a water detector mounted on a plate and linked to the nurse call pager system. The system activates when a resistance of just over 4 M? is bridged […]

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Apr 062017
Foot and leg exercisers for chair and wheelchair users

  Attached are two pictures of foot and leg exercising devices designed and made by two members of REMAP Gwent, who do have a very special interest in those who suffer from MS and their inability to get the crucial type of exercise they need. This will also apply to any other person who has […]

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Jun 222016
BK2016/15 – Folding changing table

Table in positionTable without mattress showing both handrails Table folded up  Leg brace The client is a double amputee and requires a stable table to allow his career to fit and remove his sling. A infant’s cot mattress was bought and a folding wall-mounted table made to fit it.  Handrails allow the client to manoeuvre himself […]

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Mar 092016
BK2015/62 – Urine bottle holder

  The client is a wheelchair user and needs assistance to hold a urine bottle when in use while sitting on his commode. A stainless steel bracket clipped to the frame of the commode supports the bottle.  A camera tripod ball joint provides angular adjustment. Berks Panel Job BK2015/62 BerksRemap@gmail.com

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Oct 212014
Special arm “skateboard”

The client has suffered a stroke and has a weakness in his right arm. He is undergoing physiotherapy which stimulates his right arm but cannot find a suitable large skateboard to support his arm during treatment. Remap Bristol designed a custom board using commercial floating ball units giving easy movements in the horizontal plane. Bristol […]

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Oct 212014
Nurse call chin switch

The client suffers from severe paralysis and has difficulty in attracting the attention of a nurse. Bristol REMAP has designed a chin operated call switch which the client has to press 3 times in a 5 second window. This should eliminate false calls due to normal movement.   Bristol Panel ref. 9\14-05

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Sep 292014
Spraycan holder for arthritis sufferer

A client has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, affecting her finger functioning and grip. She also suffers with angina and so needs to use a Nitromin spray, but cannot operate the rather small spraycan due to her arthritis. We built a spraycan holder that is big enough for her to grip in one hand while […]

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Jul 272014
BK2009/19 Bath tap and plug operators

Bath tap operator Bath plug operator Bath plug operator lower end The client is unable to bend sufficiently to operate the taps and plug while sitting in her bath. A tap operator was made out of 22mm chromed steel pipe with a ring at one end to engage with the lever-operated taps. The operator for […]

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Jul 262014
BK2011/17 Catheter bag drip tray

The client was concerned that drips from the catheter bag hung on the side of his bed would stain the carpet. A small plastic tray was purchased and clipped to the bag support stand with fold-back clips. Berks Panel Job BK 2011/17. BerksRemap@gmail.com

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