May 272018
BK2017/32 - Four-sided activity stand

A special needs school needed an activity wall similar to those found in almost every junior school playground. The complication was that most of the children at the school were in wheel chairs so they could not access the usual type which is attached to a fence or wall. They needed a free standing unit […]

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May 142018
BK2018/36 - Modify foot rest of riser/recliner chair

Footstool with added hooks and handle.  Because of his height, the client finds that the footrest of his riser/recliner chair does not support his feet. The footrest cannot be extended, as was done in this solution. The problem was initially considered as a modification of the footrest by adding a permanent hinged extension to the […]

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Apr 172018
BK2018/20 – Over-chair table

The client eats seated in her recliner chair and requires a special over-chair table that accommodates her sitting position which in effect raises her stomach up. Standard tables have been found not to work. A table was made to exactly fit the dimensions of the client’s chair (not that in the picture) with a cut-out […]

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Mar 212018
BK2017/57 - Communication aid harness

Aluminium mount with detent pin Tom’s speech therapists were keen that he should have his Communicator with him at all times. The normal arrangement of a shoulder strap meant that he could swing the device, which while he enjoyed doing it, it hardly facilitated its use, and was distracting both to him, his teacher and […]

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Mar 152018
BK2017/77 - Buggy steps

Buggy with steps in position Transit wheels in use Several of the children at a special school arrive in  MacLaren buggies which are quite high and they are unable to climb in and out of them. Because of their height and the fact that the seat is angled back, the children struggle to reach the […]

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Feb 252018
BK2018/19 - Stairgates

  Rails at top of stairs … … and with board in place Bottom of stairs A mother of three autistic children requires robust gates at the top and bottom of her stairs to prevent falls. Standard stairgates for toddlers are not high or strong enough. A pair of rails have been fitted at both […]

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Feb 252018
BK2018/03 – Modify ReTurn sit-to-stand aid for child

 Platform configured to provide lower height Platform in raised configurationPlatform disassembled ReTurn in normal use for comparison The ReTurn aid is used both for transfer of children from a sitting position, but also as a physio aid to stretch their ligaments and improve posture. The users come in all sizes, with corresponding differences in their support […]

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Feb 152018
BK2018/13 – Adjust height and stabilise commode

The standard commodes available are of the wrong height for the client’s toilet bowl and, because she favours one side when getting up, tip over sideways. The tiled floor and under-floor heating mean that the commode cannot be bolted down. The wheels were removed from an otherwise suitable standard commode and feet added. The feet […]

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Feb 152018
BK2018/18 – Handles for wheeled garden seat

The client struggles to get up from a wheeled garden seat when gardening. The handles on the seat are too low and the seat moves sideways when getting up. A pair of free-standing handles provide the required height and their bases act a brakes on the seat. Berkshire Panel Job BK2018/18.

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Feb 062018
Power Assisted Picker

Client is a 9 years old with joint problems, they cannot bend down to pick things up and has weakness in wrists and hands. They have tried 2 different sorts of “pick up sticks”, neither useful as mechanical system offers to much resistance. So I decided it would have to be some sort of electromechanical system. After […]

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