Feb 052016
BK2016/07 – Standing aid

The client’s spinal problem made it difficult to get up from a sitting position at his desk.  A ladder-type stand was made that allows him to pull himself up.  For stability, it is bolted to the desk.  The client is very happy with it and thinks it looks like a piece of Ercol furniture.  The […]

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Oct 052015
Sip and Puff Control of Smartphone or Tablet Computer

A referral for remote control of TV by a client suffering from advanced MS resulted in the development of a cheap Sip and Puff device. It is acknowledged that for intensive use commercial products are available, but in some cases these are deemed prohibitively expensive. Accessibility software is often built in by manufacturers (certainly in […]

Mar 052015
Hairdressing scissors mods

The client has an enlarged thumb and is having difficulty in using standard hairdressing scissors. Modifications were carried out as below. Bristol panel case ref. 4\14-02

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Jan 202015
Bus wheelchair ramp operating tool

The client is a bus driver with 1st Bus and walks with a stick. The double-decker buses have a standard built-in wheelchair ramp which is extended when needed by opening a small flap on the floor and deploying the ramp manually with a lever arrangement. This requires some effort and balance which the client was […]

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Apr 282014
Working tool aids

A young man with very limited use of his right hand needed assistance to operate tools for his job. A leaf rake was modified by attaching the upper part of an elbow crutch with jubilee clips. A pair of branch croppers was fitted with an armpit pad and a fencers guard to the left hand […]

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Apr 272014
Typists chair steady

The client has very weak arms and legs and wished to use her computer, at a normal desk, to write a book. Her problem was steadying the typists chair as she mounted and dismounted. A nest was provided to sit against the wall and into which the chair casters nestled when she needed stability. The […]

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Apr 252014
Support for amalgam mixing bowl

A Glenrothes trainee dental nurse with a disabled arm was having trouble holding a rubber mixing bowl to mix amalgam as she only had 60 seconds to prepare the mixture before it set. A wooden support was made that holds the bowl steady for mixing. A sticky mat also holds the bowl secure. She can […]

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Apr 242014
Sewing machine control

A keen seamstress with no use of her legs wanted to start sewing again, and to start up a home-based soft furnishing business. After discussion, a mechanical device was favoured over an electronic one. A modified bicycle brake handle was incorporated in a shaped handgrip and attached to the existing foot control via a Bowden […]

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Apr 212014
Saddlery clamp

After a stroke a maker of saddlery wear now has a left sided weakness that prevents him from holding the work pieces as he would like. An overcentre clamping system was made that screwed to the adjacent wall and held the leather so that he could work on it using just the one hand. The […]

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Apr 212014
Plasterer's hawk

After an accident to his left hand, a retired plasterer was unable to hold his plasterer’s hawk. The handle of the hawk was modified to include a tube to go over his wrist, and he is now able to plaster again. York & District 04/654 2005

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