Nov 132017
BK2017/63 – Threshold ramp

The problem  The ramps in position The ramps Commercial ramps are not adjustable to suit the front door threshold. They cannot deal with the height difference inside (100mm) and out (175mm) and allow the door to be closed with the ramps in position. Two new wooden ramps, one for outside and one for inside, made […]

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Nov 092017
BK2017/60 – Special wheelchair ramp

Current situation Two-piece light weight ramp installed The ramp The client’s carer is unable to move the client on his wheelchair from his bathroom down two steps into his bedroom. The ramp supplied is too steep for his carer to push the wheelchair up and a longer one will be too heavy to be moved […]

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Apr 262017
BK2016/78 – Wheelchair bag

The client required a bag to hold her shopping while using her wheelchair, but was no longer able to reach behind her to a bag hung on the seatback. The bag was made to sit in front within easy reach with a strap that supports it from the arm rests.  Integral padding protects the thighs […]

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Apr 032017
BK2017/24 - Outdoor ramp

Platform in use Platform in place The client is unable to exit the back door of his house with his wheelchair because the restricted space on his side path precludes the use of standard ramps.  A raised platform, level with the doorstep, allows a standard suitcase ramp to be used. Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/24.

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Feb 052017
BK2016/64 - Attach buggy to wheelchair

Brackets connect the wheelchair and buggy Clamps to connect to buggy Brackets with quick-release clamps for wheelchair Brackets attached in relaxed position The client requires a means to push her child’s buggy while using her own self-propelled wheelchair.  No permanent brackets can be attached to the wheelchair, but the brackets need to be rigid enough […]

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Jan 222016
Days Medical Solstice wheelchair head/footrest mod

The client has a problem with its elevating leg rest system where his legs slip between the calf supports and footrests. Also the head support is inadequate. The wheelchair was modified by fitting an upholstered panel and one piece footrest, bridging the gap and locking the legrests and footrests together. The chest/head support frame was […]

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Sep 282014
Communicator mounting for wheelchair

Maria, a resident at the Scope Birchwood residential care home in Chesham, has no significant movement ability and is unable to speak clearly due to cerebral palsy. Wheelchair bound during the day, Maria uses an electronic communication aid to control equipment in her room, including lights, heating and TV; the device can also be used […]

Jul 272014
BK2009/16 Wheelchair footrest release

The client is unable to reach down to release her wheelchair footrests to allow them to be rotated out of the way. Replacement footrests were bought from the manufacturer that use a vertical push release.  The release button has been extended so that it is within reach of the client and a second lever added […]

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Jul 062014
Modified Wheelchair Footrests

This client uses a conventional wheelchair for mobility, inside and outside the home. He likes to spend time cooking but finds it difficult to access the worktops and appliances from his wheelchair. In particular the conventional footrests prevent close approach to the units. As he requires foot support, Remap were asked if they could provide less protruding […]

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Apr 272014
Wheelchair sitting aid

The client has short knee height relative to the seat of a wheelchair, when he sits he is at the seat front. Two people physically lift him to the back of the seat. A 100mm high platform with wall rail was made. A narrow ramp from the platform allows the front wheels of the chair […]

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