Jun 222016
BK2016/10 & 31 – Cordless drill steady

  Mounting bracketStand for outdoor use Workbench stand  Drilling workpiece on bench Sawing wood with mitre block The client’s cerebral palsy makes it hard for him to hold steady the cordless drill that he uses for his DIY projects, with his carer’s help, for both drilling and driving screws. Two stands were made, one for use […]

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Apr 252016
BK2016/16 – Model maker’s bench

Current working method Bench open Bench folded Leg mechanism The client currently builds his model ships in his rather cramped spare bedroom, usually on a board placed on his bed, meaning he has to lean over the bed, exacerbating his existing back problem. A folding bench was attached to his chest of drawers, allowing him to […]

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Jan 212016
Special snooker cue rest

The client has difficulty in forming a cue rest with his hand. A rest body was made from hardwood and the rests 3-D printed in plastic. There are two different supports and spacers, and an M5 button-headed socket screw.The support is dis-assembled using an allen key Brisrol panel case ref 11\15-04

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Dec 032015
One-handed kayaking

An 11 year old boy with only one hand was keen to start kayaking, and the problem was to make a safe (and easy release) attachment for the kayak paddle. He had a simple prosthesis provided by the NHS, consisting of a forearm sleeve terminating in a 19 x 1mm threaded stub. A standard brass […]

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Oct 052015
Sip and Puff Control of Smartphone or Tablet Computer

A referral for remote control of TV by a client suffering from advanced MS resulted in the development of a cheap Sip and Puff device. It is acknowledged that for intensive use commercial products are available, but in some cases these are deemed prohibitively expensive. Accessibility software is often built in by manufacturers (certainly in […]

Aug 172015
Hfd 15/40/B Remote camera shutter release

Identified need: Client suffered a stroke and has lost most use of right arm.  He is a professional photographer and has tried various methods to operate the camera and shutter release simultaneously but none are satisfactory; feels he needs a bespoke solution.  Camera is a Canon EOS 6D DSLR .  The viewfinder rather than screen […]

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