Dec 192017
BK2017/75 – Trombone playing support

Padded dish … … mounted on client’s stand. A trombone player requires a support to take the weight of his instrument to allow him to continue playing after a stroke. A simple padded dish (a repurposed dog feeding bowl) was fitted to the client’s trombone stand with a length of threaded rod (to give height […]

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Oct 052017
BK2016/53 – Hobby workstation

Drilling the hazel stick Drilling the antler  A finished walking stick The client has suffered a stroke and would like to continue with his hobby of making walking sticks with deer antler handles while seated in his wheelchair and with the use of only one hand. He requires to drill the irregularly shaped hazel sticks […]

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Jul 122017
Trolley for Oxygen Generator  Essexnorth Job 12/1247

Client used oxygen on a regular basis and preferred to use an oxygen generator rather than the gas bottles as this would allow  client to go on holiday by plane without the cost of the airline supplying oxygen.  Client was unable to carry the generator very far as it was too heavy. A small trolley […]

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Jul 032017
Sip/Puff Guitar Splitter Box Essexnorth job 16/1497

Client played bass guitar in a band but suffered from MS and had lost the use of his legs, and thus couldn’t use the conventional foot operated effects pedal. On discussion all the client needed to do was to switch between no effects and effects this a simple changeover switch was required, but operated by […]

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Apr 262017
Jigsaw for dementia patients

  These special jigsaws help improve the care of Dementia patients.  Shop-bought jigsaws are not suitable for hospital use. The specially crafted jigsaws are made from a wipe clean material which complies with the hospital’s infection control measures and will not break, snap or bend. They have been made in six sizes, varying in difficulty […]

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Oct 202016
BK2016/59 - One-handed sewing

Client was very keen on sewing and tapestry but, as a result of a stroke, she can no longer use her left hand/arm. A pair of plywood boards was made to allow the item to be sewn to be held steady with plastic spring clips. Cunningly shaped holes allowed the needle to be passed through […]

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Jun 222016
BK2016/10 & 31 – Cordless drill steady

  Mounting bracketStand for outdoor use Workbench stand  Drilling workpiece on bench Sawing wood with mitre block The client’s cerebral palsy makes it hard for him to hold steady the cordless drill that he uses for his DIY projects, with his carer’s help, for both drilling and driving screws. Two stands were made, one for use […]

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Apr 252016
BK2016/16 – Model maker’s bench

Current working method Bench open Bench folded Leg mechanism The client currently builds his model ships in his rather cramped spare bedroom, usually on a board placed on his bed, meaning he has to lean over the bed, exacerbating his existing back problem. A folding bench was attached to his chest of drawers, allowing him to […]

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