Nov 092016
BK2014/47 – Braked seat/step for kitchen

  Kick step Underside showing operating mechanism Gliding around the kitchen In use as a kickstep Client only has the upper section of both her arms and is very adept with her two split hook prosthesis. There are times however when she finds it easier to manipulate items with her feet while seated. For this, she requires a […]

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Jul 072016
BK2016/29 – Wheelchair threshold ramps

Ramp in positionRamp folded  The client uses a Symmetrikit chair which has an unusually wide footprint and so standard threshold ramps are not wide enough to be used to allow her to pass through her patio doors into the conservatory. A light weight folding wooden ramp set was made.  It is light enough for the […]

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Feb 062016
Gas fire control knob turner

The client who has limited standing, reach and gripping capability, has a gas fire with the control low down towards the back. It has to be pushed down, turned 300 degrees and then held to light. The client is unable to bed sufficiently to reach it. It was judged impractical to affix a permanent device […]

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Jan 212016
Kitchen wire baskets

The client suffers from sever arthritis and has difficulty in bending to access her kitchen floor cupboards. Wire baskets were purchased form B&Q and fitted using appropriate brackets. A hook tool was made to enable her to pull the baskets out without bending. Bristol Panel case ref. 12\15-05

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Dec 212015
Window opener

The client has arthritis and has difficulty in reaching and operating her window latch to open the window. A special opening tool was made as there were no commercial alternatives to suit. It was constructed from 22mm o/d aluminium tubing, sourced from a broom handle. This was bent using a standard plumbing internal bending spring […]

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Oct 262015
Kitchen pull-out table

The client is an amputee, and needed a pull-out table in his kitchen for crockery etc., prior to washing up. The client washes up from his wheelchair, but the kitchen layout left little space for the crockery, pans etc.ready for washing. On the left of the sink there is a washing machine under the worktop, […]

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Aug 182015
Front door access step

 Finished solution The Threshold step on the client’s front door causes him problems with him getting out of the house in his wheelchair. The ‘ramp’ that the client had improvised was a sort of landing stage to provide a level transfer station on a steeply sloping drive. The left hand picture shows the current improvisation. […]

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Aug 172015
Ramp for french doors

The client needed a ramp so that he could be wheeled in his wheelchair out of the French doors in the lounge into the garden. The drop from the house to the path is 60mm and the ramp needed to bridge a drainage channel. The ramp was made from 1200x 450 x9mm exterior grade plywood […]

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