Nov 072018
BS 16/17-23 Dishwasher Opening Aid

The job was not really an aid but required a repositioning of the handle. The client has arthritic hands . The handle on the dishwasher had been reduced in height , so that it was little more than a ridge to grip because at right angles to the dishwasher a sliding cupboard opened and would […]

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Feb 062018
Power Assisted Picker

Client is a 9 years old with joint problems, they cannot bend down to pick things up and has weakness in wrists and hands. They have tried 2 different sorts of “pick up sticks”, neither useful as mechanical system offers to much resistance. So I decided it would have to be some sort of electromechanical system. After […]

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Jan 212018
Oven to Worktop Transfer Mechanism

The client is 25 years old and lives in a “supported living “group apartment. His main disability is C. P. and he has poor eyesight. Where possible he wishes to undertake tasks in the kitchen, so he feels more independent although he recognises that supervision is always needed. One particular frustration is the inability to […]

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Oct 052017
BK2017/42C – Modified arm of riser armchair

Existing arm rest New grab rail in position New grab rail The armrest of riser armchair was used heavily during the client’s transition from wheelchair to armchair. He didn’t use the elevate function, but preferred to use his upper body strength to transition. His concern that the armrest lacked a good purchase. The armrest was […]

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Oct 052017
BK2017/42A – Rotating bed grab handle

Existing arrangement New rotating grab handle The existing commercial bed grab handle did not allow the client to maintain a firm grip as he manoeuvred out of bed into his wheelchair. The new handle clamps to the side rail of the bed and allows limited rotation to ensure the client has a firm grip as […]

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Oct 052017
BK2017/42B – Improved grip for vertical grab poles

The client found that his wet hands slipped on the floor-to-ceiling poles in his bathroom. Both poles were fitted with paracord whipping over double sided carpet tape to provide a secure hold. Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/42B.

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Jul 122017
Trolley for Oxygen Generator  Essexnorth Job 12/1247

Client used oxygen on a regular basis and preferred to use an oxygen generator rather than the gas bottles as this would allow  client to go on holiday by plane without the cost of the airline supplying oxygen.  Client was unable to carry the generator very far as it was too heavy. A small trolley […]

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May 042017
BK2017/23 - Kitchen tap lever

Handle in position. Wooden mould Handle being formed on mould. Finished handle The client has arthritis and finds the hot tap of her kitchen mixer tap very difficult to turn, as it is very smooth. The ideal solution would be to replace the entire mixer with something having lever taps, or at least replace the […]

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Feb 172017
Window Opener - Quick and Easy

Following a rash of window opener jobs I decided to try and find a quick, easy, inexpensive and efficient solution for most windows. I have developed an opener that in many cases allows for the job to be completed in a single visit of less than 30 minutes. The big problem that panel members encounter […]