Jan 212018
Oven to Worktop Transfer Mechanism

The client is 25 years old and lives in a “supported living “group apartment. His main disability is C. P. and he has poor eyesight. Where possible he wishes to undertake tasks in the kitchen, so he feels more independent although he recognises that supervision is always needed. One particular frustration is the inability to […]

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Oct 052017
BK2017/17 – Stiffen suitcase ramp

  Support bracket … … located in place. The client has a high rear doorstep requiring a long 7 foot suitcase ramp.  However it was found to bounce disconcertingly in use. The ideal solution would have been to use the hinge bolts of the ramp to permanently attach legs. The client didn’t want such a […]

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Jul 082017
BK2017/41 – Extend suitcase ramp

 Before After The client had difficulty manoeuvring his manual wheelchair through the front door because the ramp supplied is too steep. An extension to the outside ramp and an indoor wedge ramp were added. Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/41. BerksRemap@gmail.com

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Jun 022017
BK2017/25 – Modified Derby half-steps

The client struggles to raise her feet when walking and so was unable to navigate her doorstep to leave the house.  The standard Derby half-steps are too deep to sit on the existing doorstep and are also too high for her limited ability to raise her feet. A wooden step was made to fit the […]

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Feb 172017
Window Opener - Quick and Easy

Following a rash of window opener jobs I decided to try and find a quick, easy, inexpensive and efficient solution for most windows. I have developed an opener that in many cases allows for the job to be completed in a single visit of less than 30 minutes. The big problem that panel members encounter […]

Sep 122016
BK2016/52 – Threshold ramps

The client lives in an upstairs flat and required a wheelchair threshold ramp at the exterior door downstairs.  The ramp has to be removable by the client’s wife so the door can be closed and not interfere with other residents. The ramp was made in four sections, as shown. Berkshire Panel Job BK2016/52. BerksRemap@gmail.com

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