Jul 032017
Shopping Hoist Essexnorth Job 16/1492

Client who had lost the full use of the left side of her body so found it very hard to carry shopping up a short flight of stairs to her flat.  Clambering up was possible but not holding shopping. Stair lift was not possible as the stairs were communal access. A small hand powered hoist […]

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Oct 092014
Leg lifter for independent access to stairlift

Rosemary from Amersham suffered a stroke and was unable to lift her right leg onto a stairlift footplate or to hold it there while the stairlift was in motion. We designed a leg lifting device with a cushioned bar that rests across her left thigh and another that goes under her right thigh. Rosemary moves […]

Jul 022014
BK2012/16 Stairlift leg support

 Legs supported by board and client’s own weight   Cord restraint Board stored when not in use The client is a wheelchair user and must keep her legs straight. Her wheelchair has leg supports to achieve this, but her stairlift does not, meaning she cannot use it. A new varnished plywood board rests on the […]

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Jun 252014
Baby Lifting Aid for Wheelchair-bound Mother

This client was a wheelchair-bound mother with one strong and one weak arm. She had a 6 month old daughter, and it was difficult to lift her up onto the client’s lap without putting a considerable strain on the child’s arm.   The client requested a harness with handles so that the handles could be used […]

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Apr 272014
Wheelchair stair lift

This wheelchair user could not climb and descend two steps in his hall. There is no room for a ramp. A platform on parallel legs from a frame was sunk into the hall floor. Motive power is by a 24V Warner actuator assisted by two quarter elliptical leaf springs. Operating control is by a push […]

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Apr 272014
Wheelchair access for narrowboat

This wheelchair user needed access to the narrowboat she and her husband lived upon. The deck area had been modified to give access from the bank to the deck. A hydraulic lift was not wanted as any leak would be a major problem on a boat so an air bag solution was developed. A bellows […]

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Apr 272014
Variable angle bath lift

Billy, aged 10, has severe cerebral palsy with no speech or sight and he cannot stand. He wriggled out from standard bath lifts but was too heavy for his mother to support. A bathing platform was constructed, with each end capable of being raised or lowered independently by means of hand-operated winches with ratchets. This […]

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Apr 272014
Track digger driver loader

The client, who is a paraplegic, had difficulty transferring into his mini digger independently. The solution needed to be transported easily with the mini digger when travelling to and from jobs. The seat needed to rotate to assist with the transfer and to be height adjustable to allow the client to transfer from his wheelchair […]

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Apr 262014
Swim launcher for sea

A disabled lady loved swimming in the sea but found it difficult to get over the beach to get in and out of the water. A launching vehicle enabled her to be towed into the water to enjoy her swim and to be helped out also. It can be easily dismantled and transported by car. […]

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