Mar 032017
BK2017/01 - Shoe fitting aid

After a stroke, the client struggles to put on his shoes one-handed, in particular keeping the tongue and Velcro straps open as he slips his foot in. A sloping stand holds the shoe steady and stiff wire brackets hold the straps open. Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/

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Feb 182015
Telescopic shoe buckle fastening device

The client needed a device to help fastening her shoe buckle without bending, which she could collapse and carry in her handbag. A telescopic pointing device (used in presentations etc) was modified by fitting a hook. The shoe buckles were punched with a small holes and small metal rings fitted so that the telescopic pointer […]

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Apr 282014
Device to assist putting on velcro shoes

A lady with severe arthritis and with practically no movement in her hip joints, had great difficulty placing on her shoes and fastening the velcro. An available long-handled tool (a ‘helping hand’) was modified by cuttting and bracketing at the lower end to provided an angled, rather than a straight grasping action. The client can […]

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Apr 212014
Protective boot

The client uses a rotovator and has an artificial foot. When using the rotovator, the shoe on the artificial foot becomes filled with soil. A protective boot was made by cutting a standard Wellington boot above the foot area and then connecting the upper part of the boot using a peg and key hole arrangement. […]

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Apr 102014

Two children with balance co-ordination problems were unable to maintain stability whilst walking. Extension soles were fitted to the base of the child’s shoes. The children are now capable of much improved balance control. Carlisle CAR-20-06 2007

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Mar 072014
Ankle/foot orthosis/shoe fitting aid

An ankle foot orthosis (AFO) wearer, Mandy, cannot put shoes on unaided, which prevents independent living. The solution was a plywood frame consisting of a swiveling footplate with a non-slip base attached to a leg rest made from plastic pipe.  The assembly is placed in the footplate, the client puts her foot into the assembly and eases […]

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Mar 072014
Ankle foot orthosis aid

The client needs to wear an ankle foot orthosis but due to weakness could not fit the device without assistance.  The orthosis/shoe assembly was positioned in an inner box which can pivot inside an outer fixed box.  The client’s foot can be inserted into the orthosis at the most suitable angle and by pulling on […]

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Mar 062014
Aid for putting on surgical boot

The client has use of only one arm and could not hold his surgical boot secure to enable him to put it on. A half box made of wood had a cut out to hold the boot. The Velcro closures on the boot were held out of the way by mating pieces of Velcro on the box. A loop handle […]

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Apr 202013
Adapted Boots

The client wears specially adapted boots with Velcro fastening straps. Due to arthritis of the hips he is unable to bend down to do up the straps.  The fastening straps were lengthened to retain them within the buckles. This was achieved by attaching aluminium strips encased in leather. The extension pieces had holes in the […]

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