Nov 022017
BK2017/36 - Shaped back support

Back pack and half inflated cushion  Back pack and shaped foam Back pack with hook in position Back pack in use The client has a protruding shoulder blade as a result of scoliosis which makes it very uncomfortable to sit in most chairs and required a solution that is discrete. He was supplied with two […]

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Jul 032017
Chin Support Essexnorth Job 16/1499

Client who has Parkinson disease does not like wearing collars to support her head. Client suggested making a padded chin support that she could hold.  An approximate chin shape mould was made and an aluminium chin shape support made . Support is lined with 10mm zote foam. Handle approx. 500mm ling is attached by a […]

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Oct 182016
BK2016/62 – Reduce width of 3-wheeled walker

Original over-centre locking linkage with frame in closed position … … and locked in open position. New fixed linkageSpacer added The finished narrower rollator The client’s 3-wheeled folding rollator was too wide to pass easily through the doorways in her home and she found the over-centre linkage that locks the rollator in the open position […]

Oct 022016
BK2016/32 – Top-of-stair safety stop for transfer aid

Cricket transfer aid The client’s carers use a Cricket transfer aid and are concerned that, when transferring to/from the top of the stairlift, the wheels of the Cricket will topple over. A simple plywood stop was made that can be easily placed at the top of the stairs by the carers when needed, but can […]

Aug 192016
BK2016/38 – Foot supports for sit-to-stand aid

 Rota Stand Ankles requiring support Board showing supports and padding Board in place, with covers fitted Aid in use The client ankles are not strong enough to support her weight when using a Rota Stand when transferring from one seated position to another. A plywood board with side supports was bolted to the base of the […]