Apr 172018
BK2018/20 – Over-chair table

The client eats seated in her recliner chair and requires a special over-chair table that accommodates her sitting position which in effect raises her stomach up. Standard tables have been found not to work. A table was made to exactly fit the dimensions of the client’s chair (not that in the picture) with a cut-out […]

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Nov 302017
BK2017/66 – Headrest for dining chair

 Head rest fitted to dining chair, wheelchair behindBrackets with paper template Brackets fitted to chair back The client uses a wheelchair with a headrest to support her head, but wishes to use a standard dining chair while eating. A headrest is required to prevent potential choking. The solution agreed was to add a bracket to […]

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Jul 122017
Smoking and drinking aids Essexnorth Job 13/1319

Client whose only mobility was his head , thus confined to a wheelchair.  Client wanted to be able to have a drink and smoke a cigarette without a member of the care staff assisting him. The cigarette holder was articulated on a flexible arm, the cigarette held in a cigarette holder the holder being clipped […]

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Oct 062016
BK2016/58 - Low over-chair table

  The client suffers with Parkinson’s Disease and is permanently flexed 90 degrees at the hip. As a result, eating is very difficult to do with dignity.  The legs of standard over-chair tables would not pass under the client’s riser/recliner chair and the OT did not wish to raise it The table that was made […]

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Mar 092016
BK2015/47 – Feeding pump control

The client uses a feeding pump.  She does not have the strength to turn it off if the tube blocks overnight when no carers are present. The aluminium handle clips onto the pump control knob and provides the additional leverage needed. Berks Panel Job BK2015/47. BerksRemap@gmail.com

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Feb 132015
Hfd 15/05/B  Kings modular cutlery

  before Problem: Client only has the use of the right arm which is limited due to, amongst other things, having a fixed elbow. Consequently, he has a specialist spoon with two 30 degree bends and a grip handle. The pieces slot together and can be rotated to the desired position. The problem is that […]

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Oct 112014
Pill dispenser

The client has severe Parkinsons and needed help in taking tablets during the night without waking his carer. A device was made to wake him with an alarm and present him with tablets and water. An automatic stirrer was provided for pre-dissolved tablets. Ref Bristol Panel case number 2\12-12

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Jun 232014
Lightweight Table for a "Neater Eater"

This client wanted to use a “Neater Eater” (a device to steady her hand as she fed herself). She wanted the device to be positioned higher than a typical table and to be able to remove and engage the support rapidly with the minimum of help. A strong but lightweight table support was made from […]

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Apr 282014

The client has poor grip and has requested a cup-holder, mounted at the right height on the arm of her wheelchair so that she can drink comfortably with a straw. A clamp was cut from a block of aluminium with a pinch screw to clamp it onto the tubular arm of the wheelchair. A 3″ […]

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Apr 282014

The client has weak wrists and finds it difficult to hold a knife. A kitchen knife was fixed into a shaped wooden block that could be held in a number of ways to enable preparation of vegetables etc. A commercial thick handled knife proved more suitable for eating meals. Bristol 9\09-12

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