Feb 062016
Aid to put on outdoor clothing (cape)

The clients condition leaves her very weak, and unable to lift her arms. She has a powered wheelchair, with which she is very confident and skilled but is unable to put on an outdoor coat independently. She has an overhead hoist available. The client had a cape made which was fitted with 4 magnets sewn […]

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Apr 282014

Client has weak wrists but needs to be able to do up her shoes tightly because of walking difficulties. Commercial aids have proved unsuitable. A velcro strap with a buckle was made to wrap around client’s trainers at the instep. Bristol 9\09-1

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Apr 282014
Clothing aid

The gentleman has a spinal injury and is unable to put on his shirt or jacket without assistance. A spring-loaded post was constructed to hold his clothes at a height at which he could put his arms into them and as he walked forward the jacket/shirt was freed from the post. The client can now […]

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Apr 252014
Stocking puller

The client found that removing his support stockings was almost impossible without assistance as he was unable to roll them down and pull them off unaided. The stockings had to be removed at night so the client was dependent on a carer to assist his going to bed. This simple solution involves linking suspender-type clips […]

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Apr 252014
Sock aid

A lady with multiple sclerosis is still able to dress herself apart from her socks. A unit was made upon which a sock could be fitted and which has long handles which the lady can reach to pull the socks onto her feet. The preservation of independence and dignity, and a feeling of being normal’ […]

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Apr 122014
Heated trousers powered from wheelchair

A motor accident left this client using a wheelchair. With poor circulation and sensation in his legs, going outside for any reasonable time on a cold day risked some serious health issues. His wheelchair was battery power-assisted, and he had investigated heated trousers as used by motor cyclists. The existing wheelchair wiring allowed 24V power […]

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Apr 102014
Electric dressing aid

The client, a clergyman, has restricted upper body movement, and had difficulty putting on jackets and his vestments. He required a device which would hold the garment in the correct position for him to insert his arms and ‘shrug’ himself into the garment. Two uprights were attached to a base and aluminum tubing fitted to […]

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Apr 082014
Dressing aid for jacket or shirt

The client has limited arm movement with consequent difficulty in putting on jacket, shirt etc. He could not get a garment over his left shoulder. Various commercial aids had been tried by therapist but without success. We identified that the client’s body movement should be employed by supporting the garment from a removable clip and […]

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Apr 082014
Dressing aid for Jack

Jack needed help putting on coats and shirts. The garment was put on a hanger which was fixed to a lifting system mounted on a chair. The hanger is raised by an electric motor ( taken from an electric can opener) controlled by a head-operated switch. Jack can now put on his shirt and jacket […]

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