Dec 132017
BK2017/59 - Wheelchair support handles

Wheelchair with foot rests raised … … and foot rests down in normal use. The client was struggling to carry out standing transfers from wheelchair to toilet, particularly when out and about. “Ladder bars” handles were bolted onto the underside of the wheelchair’s existing footrests, and a new plate fitted to allow the footrests to […]

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Jul 122017
Oxygen cylinder carriers for a specialised wheelchair Essexnorth Job 14/1346

Client needed to use Oxygen via nose tubes at all times , however when the blood oxygen monitor alarm sounded an additional oxygen supply via a face mask was required quickly, this meant that two oxygen cylinders were required to be with the client at all times. Remap Essexnorth designed and made a holding frame  […]

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Jun 102017
BK2017/07 – Tandem disabled buggy

  The client uses a DoBuggy disabled buggy for her elder child and wishes have the means to take her younger child out with her. The client bought a BuggyPod clip-on buggy which is designed to clip on the side of most buggies with universal quick-release connecting brackets.  However, because of the design of the […]

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Oct 212015
BK2015/48 – Off-road rollator

Finished rollator Un-modified buggy frame  The 6-year-old client is able to walk short distances indoors, but when outdoors, she needs an aid which is manoeuvrable but gives her stability and some protection against bumping into things and able to cope with moving over rough ground.  It will help to improve her stamina, balance skills & […]

Feb 192015
Buggy raised footrest

The client (aged 2) needed the footrest of his buggy raised by 4 inches. A hardwood backboard was constructed and held in place by velcro. A foam footrest was attached to the board with blocks to help positioning his legs. Bristol Panel case ref. 8\14-08

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Oct 212014
BK2014/35 – Bicycle pedal straps

Pedals in natural positions Pedal rotated to show fixing method A 4 year old child with spina bifida has difficulty keeping her feet on the pedals of her bicycle.  Commercial pedal clips are only available in adult sizes. Straps were added to the existing pedals. The metal parts provide counterweights to ensure the pedals naturally […]

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Oct 012014
Power wheelchair trailer attachment for twins

Tim is a father with paralysed legs who looks after his 18-month-old twins on his own during the day. Frustrated that he could only take the twins out in his car, rather than to the park or along local footpaths, he bought a bicycle trailer to be towed using his powered wheelchair. However, the trailer […]

Sep 262014
Single-handed bicycle brakes

An eight-year-old boy, born with no fingers on his right hand, can ride a bicycle without problems – right up to the point when he needs to apply both brakes at once! Remap engineers designed and fitted this “balance bar” that lets him activate both brakes from a single lever. South Bucks Panel Job BU/2013/014 […]