May 142018
BK2018/36 - Modify foot rest of riser/recliner chair

Footstool with added hooks and handle.  Because of his height, the client finds that the footrest of his riser/recliner chair does not support his feet. The footrest cannot be extended, as was done in this solution. The problem was initially considered as a modification of the footrest by adding a permanent hinged extension to the […]

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Jan 312018
BK2017/80 – Handrail for riser armchair

New rail Side view Rail and feet One of two feet added To suit the changing condition of the client, the arm rest used during the client’s transition from wheelchair to armchair (made under job BK2017/42C) was modified.  The electric raiser chair was too unstable for the new rail to be fixed, as the locking […]

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Dec 072017
Recliner / Riser chair controls

This client has difficulty pressing the small buttons on a recliner chair control box, and too easily knocks it off the chair arm (where it has been placed by a carer) when trying to use it when the carer is not immediately available. The client has sometimes tried to stand up in the chair whilst […]

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Dec 062017
BK2017/68 – Raise sofa

Feet fixed to underside of sofa Detail of clamps used to fix feet to frame Completed raised sofa with valance The client required his reclining sofa raising by 3” without interfering with the mechanism. Some loose wooden blocks had been provided, but they were unstable. Four wooden feet were made which clamped to the base […]

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Jul 122017
Adjustable foot rests on school stools Essexnorth Job 12/1230

Client needed an additional footrest on the stools at School to be more comfortable in class.  However different classrooms used similar stools so it was essential that each classroom the client used had the appropriately modified stool. A steel strip with equally spaced fixing holes was welded to the two front legs of the stools, […]

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Oct 022016
BK2016/36 – Motorised chair controller

Chair and controller before modification Armrest with joystick and wrist support. Dismantled armrest showing sliding joystick, pulleys and cord. Joystick in use in the forward position with backrest upright … … and in rear-most position with backrest lowered. Due to the nature of his neurological condition, the client’s hand function is declining and he requires an adaptation […]

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Sep 122016
BK2016/51 – Raise reclining chair

 Alternative solution The client’s Stressless Consul reclining chair was unusual, having a circular base in the form of a ring. Beneath the ring was a plastic ‘bearing’ to allow the chair to rotate. To establish the correct height, the chair was raised temporarily on stacks of repurposed ice cream tubs. An octagonal base was made […]

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Aug 052016
BK2016/30 – Seat foot rest

Original unsuitable arrangement Foot rest extension fitted… .. with padding added. The footrest of the client’s reclining armchair did not fully support her feet. A footrest extension piece was made with tubular supports that mated with tubes fixed to the underside of the existing footrest. Berkshire Panel Job BK2016/30.   An alternative solution to […]

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