Nov 152017
BK2017/69 – Mount for night call button

The client needs easy access to a call button to call for assistance at night when in bed. The client’s wireless button had been mounted on a bed clip board (as used in hospitals to identify the client and assigned hospital staff) and a firmer method of mounting on the bed side rails was required. […]

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Jul 122017
Modified Cot Ends to allow feeding tube between the bars Essexnorth Job 15/1403

Client wanted to be able to pass a child’s feeding tube through the cot ends, this allows the child to turn without getting entangled in the feed tube which is the difficulty if the tube is passed over the cot sides. A small section of the cot side top was removed and a swinging section […]

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Feb 112016
Special lifting beam over bed

The client needs to pull herself up in bed and lower herself onto her wheelchair on either side of the bed, using straps. She has a floor mounted ‘A’ frame mounted overhead beam but it is too short and takes up too much bedroom space. A welded overhead beam was fabricated and fixed to a […]

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Dec 082015
Hinged bed rail

The client’s feet tend to slip off the side of his bed and what was needed was a small width attachment which can be pulled up 180 degrees whilst he is in the bed and then folded down 180 degrees for when he needs to get out of the bed. To complicate things there is […]

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Nov 232015
Bed or chair control switches

Clients with restricted finger movement or arthritis often have trouble operating the small ‘blister’ switches on bed controls. The solution is to clamp on a framework carrying extended rockers with plastic buttons (B&Q drawer stops) that bear on the blisters. The rockers are made of polycarbonate, and are usually transparent to enable any icons on […]

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Nov 162015
Special bed rail

The client has an NRS bedrail (product code M48192) which is unsuitable for his weight and is not located firmly enough in the bed. He asked if it can be modified e.g. by fixing to the wall Bristol case ref. 8\15-05

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