Jun 242014

As a Charity and a limited company Remap is governed by two main documents.  Our Articles of Association and our Operations Manual. Articles of Association The “Articles of Association” sets out the legal standing of the company as a company limited by guarantee.  It also contains our “Charitable Objects”, the purpose for which we exist […]

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Jun 152014

This guidance applies to all photographs taken after 1 Oct 2008 This guidance applies to photographs, including filming and sound recording of Remap clients where the images are to be made generally available (for example in pamphlets, Panel presentations, web sites, Job Reports) and identifiable individuals are in the photographs as the focus of the […]

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Apr 202013

This is a temporary page to help those transferring data from the old year books to the Remapedia.  The year book entries refer to the obsolescent category number, the new version to the text description.   Old Year Book numbering New Category name 1 Transport; including accessories, cars, cycles, hoists, etc. 2 Eating and Drinking […]

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Apr 022013
Promoting Remap by Public Speaking

Introduction One of the most effective ways of promoting Remap at local level is by giving talks to various groups such as other charities and support groups (such as the Stroke Association, luncheon clubs) and social/educational groups (Women Institute, National Association of Women Clubs, National Women register, U3A, Model Engineering Societies). Audience sizes can vary […]

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Apr 012013

Charities, contrary to popular opinion, are not exempt from paying VAT.  There are some specific exceptions to this rule but before covering them a few important points:- VAT cannot be reclaimed from Customs and Excise. VAT does not operate on a refund basis. If VAT is paid on a purchase it cannot ever be reclaimed […]

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Apr 012013

Remap National Office – 01732 760209 (Please note the old 0845 130 0456 number is no longer in use) http://www.remap.org.uk Remap National Office, D9 Chaucer Business Park, KEMSING, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 6YU Remap Scotland http://www.remap-scotland.org/contacts.asp Remap Internet– Information reference site for Remap Some Remap Panels also have their own web sites :- Remap South Buckingham […]

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