Terry Preston

Nov 072018

The job was not really an aid but required a repositioning of the handle.
The client has arthritic hands . The handle on the dishwasher had been reduced in height , so that it was little more than a ridge to grip because at right angles to the dishwasher a sliding cupboard opened and would foul a deeper handle.
The solution was to fit a deeper handle off set from the centre of the dishwasher door. This entailed disassembling the door and the fascia to remove the handle and replace it.


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Nov 172017

BS 15/16-39 Holder for Electronic Magnifier

The client has very poor sight and uses an electronic magnifier to aid her reading. The unit is similar to a digital camera and has buttons to control on/off, magnification, colour etc. As she also has a problem with pain in her fingers she found that holding and operating the device for any length of time gave her pain. The requirement was therefore for a holder with a handle to enable the magnifier to be held without discomfort to her fingers.

A holder as shown was formed by heat-moulding UPVC plastic (taken from 100mm soil piping) around a wooden former. The magnifier slips into the carrier-slide element and by cutting a window in the front face and boring access holes into the casing the push buttons on the unit can still be operated whilst in the holder.


A single central pop rivet acts as a stop to prevent the Magnifier from sliding beyond the correct position whilst an elastic band attached to the hand strap holds the unit firmly against the stop; this is looped around the handle and fixes onto a stub. It can therefore be easily unhooked to facilitate removal of the Magnifier from the carrier for it to be recharged via the USB connection. The plastic element of the handle is an extension of the main plastic moulding with a piece of 25mm wood dowel used to complete the grip.

The client can now read her papers and books without pain to her hands.

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