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Dec 192017
IMG_2684 Padded dish …
IMG_2685 … mounted on client’s stand.
A trombone player requires a support to take the weight of his instrument to allow him to continue playing after a stroke.

A simple padded dish (a repurposed dog feeding bowl) was fitted to the client’s trombone stand with a length of threaded rod (to give height adjustment).

Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/75.

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Dec 132017
WC foot supports raised Wheelchair with foot rests raised …

WC foot supports down
… and foot rests down in normal use.Ladder bar
The client was struggling to carry out standing transfers from wheelchair to toilet, particularly when out and about.

“Ladder bars” handles were bolted onto the underside of the wheelchair’s existing footrests, and a new plate fitted to allow the footrests to be rotated and locked into an upright position, presenting the handles for use.

The handles can be left in place, hidden below the foot rests, when the wheelchair is in normal use, so no extra paraphernalia needs to be carried.

The height of the handles will rise in the future as the foot rests are lowered to accommodate leg growth.

The modifications are easily unbolted when wheelchair is returned.

The client’s mother was chuffed to bits with the way that they can also be used as restraints when the client is sat on a normal toilet, to prevent him falling sideways, and in disabled toilets where the usual fold-down arms are far too wide apart for him.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/59.

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Dec 062017
Feet fixed to underside of sofa
Detail of clamps used to fix feet to frame

sofa raised
Completed raised sofa with valance

The client required his reclining sofa raising by 3” without interfering with the mechanism. Some loose wooden blocks had been provided, but they were unstable.

Four wooden feet were made which clamped to the base frame of the sofa. A valance was included to prevent the client’s feet from getting trapped underneath.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/68.

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Nov 302017
Head rest fitted to dining chair, wheelchair behind
Brackets with paper template
pic4 Brackets fitted to chair back
The client uses a wheelchair with a headrest to support her head, but wishes to use a standard dining chair while eating. A headrest is required to prevent potential choking.

The solution agreed was to add a bracket to the dining chair to allow the wheelchair headrest to be easily fitted when required.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/66.

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Nov 152017
Clipboard in position

The client needs easy access to a call button to call for assistance at night when in bed. The client’s wireless button had been mounted on a bed clip board (as used in hospitals to identify the client and assigned hospital staff) and a firmer method of mounting on the bed side rails was required.

A pair of tool spring clips was bolted to the board to clip it firmly onto the tubular bed side rails.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/69.

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Nov 132017
The problem 
The ramps in position

The ramps

Commercial ramps are not adjustable to suit the front door threshold. They cannot deal with the height difference inside (100mm) and out (175mm) and allow the door to be closed with the ramps in position.

Two new wooden ramps, one for outside and one for inside, made from 12mm ply and coated with non-slip paint. Each ramp is supported on two legs at the high end with wood reinforcing stiffeners in line with the wheelchair wheel track.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/63.

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Nov 092017
current position
Current situation
Two-piece light weight ramp installed
The ramp

The client’s carer is unable to move the client on his wheelchair from his bathroom down two steps into his bedroom. The ramp supplied is too steep for his carer to push the wheelchair up and a longer one will be too heavy to be moved to enable the bedroom door to be closed.

A light weight two-piece ramp with a non-slip surface was made.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/60.

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Nov 022017
Back pack and half inflated cushion from Decathlon
Back pack and half inflated cushion 
Rucksack and shaped foam
Back pack and shaped foam
Backpack showing the moveable hook on a velcro strap
Back pack with hook in position
Client sitting against the backpack containing the air cushion
Back pack in use

The client has a protruding shoulder blade as a result of scoliosis which makes it very uncomfortable to sit in most chairs and required a solution that is discrete.

He was supplied with two aids: One was a foam cushion shaped to fit to the actual shape of his back. The second was an air cushion bought from Decathlon. Both are intended to go into a soft back pack which can either be worn or put on the seat between the client and the chair back. A hook which attaches to the back pack with Velcro to provides adjustment to ensure the back pack hangs on the back of the chair at the right height.

In order for the air cushion to mould itself to the client’s back and not to the shape of the chair (which could be too short or could include struts for example), a board was inserted into the backpack to provide a flat surface so that the air cushion would press against this uniform surface.

The advantage of the air cushion over the foam cushion is that it will adapt itself to almost any shape of back and therefore can be worn by anyone with a similar condition and is very quick and cheap to assemble.  A disadvantage is it can feel a bit wobbly. The foam cushion on the other hand requires carving into shape, taking time and skill, and is a bespoke product for that individual. 



Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/36.

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Oct 052017
ramp support 1
Support bracket
ramp support 2 … located in place.

The client has a high rear doorstep requiring a long 7 foot suitcase ramp.  However it was found to bounce disconcertingly in use.

The ideal solution would have been to use the hinge bolts of the ramp to permanently attach legs. The client didn’t want such a solution, so a simple block with captive end brackets was created.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/17.

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