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Jul 082016
Crelling harness
Harness for use in vehicles
Harness rear
Harness for use while walking – rear view …

Harness front
… and front

Client is a very active adult with learning difficulties and uses a Model 28 Crelling restraint harness when travelling in a vehicle (in addition to the normal car seat belt) and a separate harness while walking (for the carer to have something to hold for guidance). The OT asked for a single harness for both duties.

After discussion, it was agreed to use two harness, as at present, but make them easier to use. 

Three Crelling harnesses for use inside vehicles were modified with quick-release buckles to allow them to be fitted more easily to any vehicle. 

A new harness, using a standard load-bearing vest (as used by soldiers and paint-ball enthusiasts), modified by adding webbing straps to the front and back for carers to hold, for use while out walking.  The harness is thin enough to be worn inside a vehicle underneath the Crelling harness.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2015/58.

Jul 072016
ramp in position
Ramp in position
ramp folded
Ramp folded 
The client uses a Symmetrikit chair which has an unusually wide footprint and so standard threshold ramps are not wide enough to be used to allow her to pass through her patio doors into the conservatory.

A light weight folding wooden ramp set was made.  It is light enough for the client’s carer to lift it into and out of position to allow the patio doors to be closed.

Berks Panel Job BK2016/29.

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Jun 222016
Mounting bracket
Stand for outdoor use
Workbench stand 
Drilling workpiece on bench
mitre block
Sawing wood with mitre block
The client’s cerebral palsy makes it hard for him to hold steady the cordless drill that he uses for his DIY projects, with his carer’s help, for both drilling and driving screws.

Two stands were made, one for use on a workbench and the other for outside.  Once positioned by his carer, the mounting bracket holds the drill steady and guides its motion along two parallel guide rods.

The outdoor stand has a base made from a heavy pulley wheel to give stability.  Its arm can be adjusted to hold the drill in almost any position. The wheels enable it to be moved easily.

The work bench top has threaded inserts in a grid pattern to allow aids (eg. mitre block and G-clamps) to be located conveniently.

The workbench stand has an articulated arm to allow the drill to be positioned anywhere on the bench top.

Berks Panel Job BK2016/10 & 31.

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Jun 222016
stand with bottle
Bottle on stand

rear view
Rear view showing height adjustment
cage fixing
Cage fixing arrangement

The client is unable to stand and urinate without risk of spillage because he needs to use his one hand to hold a support, ie. he needs to urinate hands-free.

A simple tripod with tubular fibreglass legs holds the client’s bottle and wire cage at the required height

Berks Panel Job BK2016/23.

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Jun 222016
Table with cushion Table in position
table and hand rails
Table without mattress showing both handrails
table folded
 Table folded up
 leg brace
Leg brace
The client is a double amputee and requires a stable table to allow his career to fit and remove his sling.

A infant’s cot mattress was bought and a folding wall-mounted table made to fit it.  Handrails allow the client to manoeuvre himself into position.  A chain holds the table in the folded up position.  Leg braces ensure the two legs are correctly positioned.

Berks Panel Job BK2016/15.

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