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Jun 152014

This guidance applies to all photographs taken after 1 Oct 2008

This guidance applies to photographs, including filming and sound recording of Remap clients where the images are to be made generally available (for example in pamphlets, Panel presentations, web sites, Job Reports) and identifiable individuals are in the photographs as the focus of the image.  If photographs are being taken in a public place and co-incidentally include others in the background no release or permission is required from these people whether or not they are identifiable.

In the UK there is no legal restriction on photographing individuals but both as a matter of courtesy to the individual, and as a commercial requirement before photographs can be used for publicity, permision to use the photographs must be obtained.  Therefore, before taking any photographs including individuals as the focus of the picture you should seek formal permission from those being photographed.  This permission is obtained using the “Model Release” form attached (named after it’s use in commercial model photography such as fashion or advertising).  This is a variant of the form used in UK Commercial and NHS photography and is intended to ensure the client knows their picture may be made publicly available (albeit never with personal identifying details such as their full name and address) and is happy for this to happen.

If they do not wish to give this permission you can still use any photographs for Panel records but they must be clearly identified as being non-releasable.  It is the Panels responsibility to protect such images from dissemination outside the Panel.

Other than for formal matters marked as “confidential”, such as complaints investigations, you must assume that any photograph which passes from the Panels immediate control may be published and will require a Model Release.

  • A parent or guardian’s permission is needed for any photographs of children or adult clients who may not be able to give informed consent.
  • Keep records of all permissions.
  • Use photographs only in accordance with the permission granted.
  • If the photographs are leaving your control (for example being passed to Head Office) include a copy of the release form.

You can download the client permision form from HERE

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Apr 302013


In spite of having cerebral palsy, Eliza is keen on sport and throws discus and clubs competitively.  She represented the south west region at the national Schools Championship in 2012 and won a silver medal in discus. She and her father Jon approached Remap to ask if they could help her progress by making her a better throwing chair.

The project was taken on by the Yeovil panel. The brief was to make a sturdy chair, capable of being anchored to the ground. It should be adjustable in height and back angle, and there should also be an adjustable foot bar.

Eliza is delighted with her chair, and later in the year she competed in the Disability Sport England national junior championships, where she won gold in the discus and silver in the clubs. The chair has greatly improved her confidence and she continues to progress in her chosen sports.

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Apr 292013


This client with multiple sclerosis needed medication every two hours day and night. An automatic dispenser was required to enable her husband to be able to sleep at night.  A dispenser was made comprising a battery and a geared electric motor energised either by a bite
switch or radio control. This drives a curved rack that carries a pill on edge at its end & is delivered immediately in front of her mouth.
The client gained some independence and her husband can sleep through the night.



Derby, Burton & District
Case No. DB-32-02

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Apr 292013

A quadriplegic mouth artist likes to use both oils and watercolours. His carer was constantly having to wash his brushes. A single unit was made to dispense both turps and water via switches controlled by a mouth-held prod. There is a brushwashing dish with a drain operated by lever action. The client has gained more independence, being able to change media at will.


Case No. 248

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Apr 292013

An epileptic mother wanted a brake that would automatically immobilise a pushchair if the mother had a fit. A brake lever was connected to the brake via a Bowden cable. To release the brake, the client places her wrist under the rod and plastic ball and, by squeezing the brake lever, a small latch falls into place to hold the lever closed. The lever remains closed whilst the wrist is lifting the ball, if the hand is removed the ball falls, releasing the latch which applies the brake. The mother has peace of mind that her child will not come to
harm if the mother has a fit whilst in control of the wheelchair.


Coventry & Warwickshire


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Apr 292013

Derek Derek's throwing seat


Derek lost his legs in 2007 when the Landrover he was travelling in in Afghanistan was blown up by an anti-tank mine. But 15 months later he was picked as one of six members of the British armed forces to develop their sporting potential at a training camp in California. Derek was chosen not only for his sporting potential but for his strong mental attitude.

In 2011 Remap were asked by Battle Back to make a throwing frame for Derek to assist him in throwing the discus. The project was taken on by the South Bucks panel. Working with Derek’s trainer, Alison O’Riordan, the panel designed a frame to comply with the rules and at the same time maximise his throwing potential. A key feature was footplates so that Derek’s prosthetic legs could be anchored. The frame was made of aluminium for strength and lightness, weight being important for Derek because he was by now regularly competing abroad, and needed to be able to transport the frame easily.

The frame has worked very well for Derek, who is delighted with it and its impact on the distance he can throw. In June 2012 he competed in the European Games in Holland, and, using his Remap frame, won the gold medal. Since this project for Derek, Remap has tackled many more sports projects, especially for throwers of discus, javelin, shot and clubs, with great success.

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Apr 202013

Due to multiple sclerosis the client was unable to place his feet on the footrest without assistance. His feet dragged on the floor and prevented him negotiating the doorway to access the ramp.   A platform footrest was designed so he can stand on the platform when at rest on the ground, then turn and sit. By pushing a lever he can raise the platform to operating level. Pulling the lever drops the platform to the ground. The footrest fits existing brackets and is easily removable for other devices to be fitted when required.  He is now able to access his wheelchair independently and can leave the house freely in the absence of his wife.

West Midlands



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Apr 202013

A little girl with disabilities was unable to get up onto her special car seat and her mother had difficulty lifting her onto it.  The foot-well of the family car was raised to door sill level with a wooden framework covered with 20mm plywood and finished with a thin car mat to give a non-slip surface.  The little girl can now step into the car and get up onto her seat independently.

Scottish Borders


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Apr 202013

Having recently lost her right arm the client was restricted in pursuing her sewing hobby especially with heavy materials.  A vertical post was g-clamped to the sewing machine table. A tubular cross piece was attached to the top of this post to carry coned washers which act as a guide for the material. As the parts are adjustable, there is a choice of guide positions and materials that can be accommodated.  A range of fabrics / materials can now be sewn using only left hand guidance allowing the client to fully pursue her hobby once more.




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Apr 202013

This client needed a table suitable for a wide range of uses. The table needed to be adjusted in height and inclination by the user.  Indexing quadrants on height and angle are locked by a common pin operated by a lever located below the table, within easy reach. A spring counterbalances the weight of the table. Two complete units were made, one for use from a recliner chair and the other for a bed.  Both units can be split at the bottom for transporting.  The client found the adjustment easy to operate.

Southend & District 

SS 37-02 


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