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The client had purchased an iPad support bracket to attach to his motorised wheelchair, but this was made of round section aluminium and not compatible with the smaller, square tube mounting bracket provided under the wheel chair’s arm.

In addition, trial positioning the support bracket with the client in his chair demonstrated that the iPad support bracket had to be mounted substantially in front of, and below this square tube bracket for comfortable use.

The solution employed was to make an adapter from 16mm square hollow section aluminium tube, machined half way along down to 15.5mm square so that it would fit into the existing wheelchair bracket. This was bolted to the iPad bracket with M8 studding, nuts and washers.

The whole assembly can be quickly removed by loosening the wheelchair mount nut and sliding the unit forward if the client wants to travel outside the house in the chair.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2018/80.

 September 13, 2018  Posted by at 08:52 Powered Wheelchairs, Scooters and Buggies