Aug 142018


The client required an internal ramp such that she could be wheeled by a carer from floor level up to the patio door threshold onto the commercially manufactured aluminium suitcase ramp for access outside.

A lightweight 12mm plywood ramp was made with 3x supporting rails underneath, profiled to rest on the door step, with 4x thin non-slip rubber feet protecting the wooden floor.

The ramp is long enough to give a 1:10 gradient and wide enough to sit either side of the suitcase ramp. There are 2x side rails to keep the wheel chair on the ramp and these are extended to the patio door groove with location pegs to prevent movement once fitted. There are 2x finger holes, so it can be lowered down without finger entrapment.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2018/70.

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Aug 142018
 Roller1 in use
Unmodified body roller in use
Roller 1 being moved

Modified body roller being moved

Roller2a unmodified

Second body roller unmodified

Roller 2 being moved

Modified body roller being moved

The special school has two types of body roller to provide deep pressure therapy as the children crawl between the rollers; both have no means of moving them safely.

On the first type of body roller, wheels were added to one end, with brakes scavenged from a condemned wheelchair, and a dolly made to lift the other end to allow the whole to be moved.

On the second type, wheels were added to one end in such a way that they were off the ground in normal use and supported the roller off the ground when being moved (similar to the domestic wheelie bin).


Berkshire Panel Job BK2018/58.

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