Feb 152018
IMG_0950 Small The standard commodes available are of the wrong height for the client’s toilet bowl and, because she favours one side when getting up, tip over sideways. The tiled floor and under-floor heating mean that the commode cannot be bolted down.

The wheels were removed from an otherwise suitable standard commode and feet added. The feet were bolted to aluminium plates to increase the sideways stability.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2018/13.


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Feb 152018
DSCF7541 The client struggles to get up from a wheeled garden seat when gardening. The handles on the seat are too low and the seat moves sideways when getting up.

A pair of free-standing handles provide the required height and their bases act a brakes on the seat.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2018/18.


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Feb 062018

Client is a 9 years old with joint problems, they cannot bend down to pick things up and has weakness in wrists and hands. They have tried 2 different sorts of “pick up sticks”, neither useful as mechanical system offers to much resistance.

So I decided it would have to be some sort of electromechanical system. After a little thought I decided a Robot gripper (used by amateur builders of robot arms) would be a suitable solution. This was sourced from the internet. Next was a suitable power source, I decided this should be easy to maintain so I pressed into service a USB power pack as this would be easy for the client to charge.

The whole assembly was made from plastic electric conduit, and after fitting two switches (one to open, one to close) with a suitable circuit the unit was up and running.

The client used it first time with no problem and was able to pick up and pencil with ease and later a heavy pepper grinder.




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