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The client is 25 years old and lives in a “supported living “group apartment.

His main disability is C. P. and he has poor eyesight.

Where possible he wishes to undertake tasks in the kitchen, so he feels more independent although he recognises that supervision is always needed.

One particular frustration is the inability to lift hot dishes out of the oven.

The mid-height oven on the left has a side hinged door on the left.  To the right is the end of the worktop approximately 8 cm. lower than he bottom shelf of the oven.

The solution was the construction of an elevated slideable metal frame with an 8cm. high cantilevered top shelf. The top shelf was made from the grill of a barbeque retained by the Easifix. The frame is guided on the side and top with metal runners.

When pulled forward this top shelf is the same height and extension as the bottom shelf of the oven. A flat metal plate is slipped across the gap between the two surfaces to form a continuous flat surface.

This enables the client to slide hot dishes away from the oven and onto the frame without lifting them. The bridging plate can be unclipped, and the frame pushed back on the worktop.  When cool the dishes can be lifted down onto the worktop.

When not in use along with the oven the frame serves a second function as a trivet for the hotplate to the right of the frame.


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