Oct 132017

The cient had a rare genetic disorder and was really only happy when he was sitting in his “cozy coupe”. However, as he was outgrowing the  coupe he was having to bend his legs backwards to allow him to use the car. Essex north  adapted the wheels by extending both the front steering wheels and the rear fixed axle, this “jacked up “ the coupe by about 100mm giving the client about another years play with the car.


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Oct 132017

The clients physiotherapist asked Remap to devise a way of preventing the client working the left side buttons with his right hand which he was apt to do but it was preventing correct development of his left hand. Essex North  volunteer added a perspex shield between the buttons preventing the right hand operating the left buttons or visa versa.


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Oct 052017
ramp support 1
Support bracket
ramp support 2 … located in place.

The client has a high rear doorstep requiring a long 7 foot suitcase ramp.  However it was found to bounce disconcertingly in use.

The ideal solution would have been to use the hinge bolts of the ramp to permanently attach legs. The client didn’t want such a solution, so a simple block with captive end brackets was created.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/17.


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Oct 052017
chew straps

The client has a compulsion to chew her clothing and needs a replacement sacrificial chew aid.

Two fabric slings were modified with quick release snap connectors like the type that are used on ID badge neck straps. The device can be worn around the neck with low risk as the connectors will release if pulled or if the wearer gets caught in it.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/46.


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Oct 052017

The client is unable to reposition herself in bed and is at risk of choking on her own vomit if left unattended.

A detector was made using a water detector mounted on a plate and linked to the nurse call pager system. The system activates when a resistance of just over 4 M? is bridged across the detector wires. The client can now receive the vital care she needs quickly without having to have constant supervision.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2008/15.


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Oct 052017
image004 Drilling the hazel stick

image002 Drilling the antler
A finished walking stick

The client has suffered a stroke and would like to continue with his hobby of making walking sticks with deer antler handles while seated in his wheelchair and with the use of only one hand.

He requires to drill the irregularly shaped hazel sticks and the even more irregular antlers down the centre. The two parts are then assembled with a 8mm steel screw thread and spacer through the middle which is epoxy glued together.

A jig was made that could be set up in a Workmate by the client’s carer, consisting of two interchangeable tables to hold either the stick or the antler. A drill was mounted on a sliding table.

The stick is mounted on the first table between centres at the correct height using a selection of stepped bushes roughly the size of the stick and then clamped up with the three screws in a chuck motion. The drill is then pushed into the stick and the hole is produced central down its length.

The antler is mounted on the second table made of a Mole grip clamp mounted onto a heavy duty ball and swivel. The clamp can be positioned in any alignment allowing the antler to be drilled along its centreline.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2016/53.


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Oct 052017
Chair armrest
Existing arm rest
chair grabrail in position
New grab rail in position

chair grabrail New grab rail

The armrest of riser armchair was used heavily during the client’s transition from wheelchair to armchair. He didn’t use the elevate function, but preferred to use his upper body strength to transition. His concern that the armrest lacked a good purchase.

The armrest was easily removed, and a handle and fixing bracket designed to fit snugly over the side panel. Clamp screws were added, but these were not required upon fitting. The bracket was made of recycled marine ply from a kitchen and a hardwood tent pole.



Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/42C.

This job was subsequently modified under BK2017/80.


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Oct 052017
existing bed grab handle
Existing arrangement
New bedrail
New rotating grab handle

The existing commercial bed grab handle did not allow the client to maintain a firm grip as he manoeuvred out of bed into his wheelchair.

The new handle clamps to the side rail of the bed and allows limited rotation to ensure the client has a firm grip as he rotates out of the bed.  It was made from re-purposed parts. 






Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/42A.


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