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A 6 Years old child has a small wooden trolley, supplied by the referrer, which she uses to push her ventilator equipment around the house. The child’s trolley has 4 fixed wheels and is difficult to turn around corners with the heavy respirator equipment, the child having to almost lift the trolley around. Can Remap fit two  castored wheels to make it easily manoeuvred. The Nurse hopes that the adapted trolley could be used by the child at school. The ventilator equipment will need to be securely held on the trolley.

This strap was secured in place by two wooden pieces screwed in to the bottom of the trolley base. See Photo.

The sides of the trolley were cut away at the front to allow the castors, which replaced the front wheels, to fully pivot around. A piece of baton was put over the top of the protruding castor nuts, with a matching piece at the rear, to give a level base for the respirator to sit on. See photo.

All sharp corners were removed, and the new wood varnished

The trolley was tried out with the respirator, by the child who will use it. It worked well for her, producing lots of smiles.

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