Jul 132017
 3.3 Padding fitted to toilet and bidet
Toilet and bidet
1.3 Mat showing additional strip of padding between the top and the blue edging using offcuts, to cater for raised lip of ceramic sink, and to ensure water drains back into the sink and not onto the user.
Kitchen sink
2.1 Offcut of mat used as desk protection
The client’s mother required protection around the home against drop seizures of her epileptic child.

For the toilet and bidet, closed cell foam protective edge strip (sold for packing of paintings and mirrors) were used. It is designed to absorb knocks, is waterproof and washable. By cutting pieces out of its edge, it was made to conform the the shape of the bowls.  Additional pieces were supplied for when the others are being cleaned.

The sink area is protected by a shaped pad cut from a thick closed cell physiotherapy exercise mat, designed specially to absorb impact. This is also waterproof and washable. It is colour-coordinated to match the kitchen. Holes in the left hand section allow water to drain through onto the draining board below.

An off-cut of the mat was used to protect the desk.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/40.


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Jul 122017

Client wanted to be able to pass a child’s feeding tube through the cot ends, this allows the child to turn without getting entangled in the feed tube which is the difficulty if the tube is passed over the cot sides. A small section of the cot side top was removed and a swinging section made to bridge the gap, a locking mechanism was devised so that lifting the removable section required two hands or sufficient dexterity only possible by an adult.


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Jul 122017

Client needed to use Oxygen via nose tubes at all times , however when the blood oxygen monitor alarm sounded an additional oxygen supply via a face mask was required quickly, this meant that two oxygen cylinders were required to be with the client at all times. Remap Essexnorth designed and made a holding frame  that enabled two cylinders to be carried together with a small platform for the oxygen monitor.  Holders were made from 12mm Birch ply.

IMG_8820_800x600IMG_8819_450x6002014-08-27 08.37.01_800x600

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Jul 122017

Client used oxygen on a regular basis and preferred to use an oxygen generator rather than the gas bottles as this would allow  client to go on holiday by plane without the cost of the airline supplying oxygen.  Client was unable to carry the generator very far as it was too heavy. A small trolley was made using an old extending suitcase handle, a simple welded frame and wheels from inline skates. Inline skate wheels are superb for this use.


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Jul 122017

Client needed an additional footrest on the stools at School to be more comfortable in class.  However different classrooms used similar stools so it was essential that each classroom the client used had the appropriately modified stool. A steel strip with equally spaced fixing holes was welded to the two front legs of the stools, rails were made to fit. Easy adjustment was enabled by use of locking handles and captive bolts.


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Jul 122017

Client used a stick with to press the keys of the keyboard and the keyboard kept falling over as it was propped up with blu-tac. An adjustable stand was made for the keyboard so that it could be rigidly fixed at the correct height and angle.


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Jul 122017

Client whose only mobility was his head , thus confined to a wheelchair.  Client wanted to be able to have a drink and smoke a cigarette without a member of the care staff assisting him. The cigarette holder was articulated on a flexible arm, the cigarette held in a cigarette holder the holder being clipped into a mount attached to the flexible arm, the only assistance required was to mount the cigarette and light it.  A gutter section was placed under the holder to catch the ash. The drinking cup holder was specifically made to fit the care home cups, luckily a cheap car cup holder fitted the bill this was mounted on an aluminium arm attached to the wheelchair.


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Jul 032017

Client confined to wheelchair could not reach the window catches in his new purpose built apartment.  Remap Essexnorth made a window opener that enabled the client to open left or right hand window from his wheelchair.

Aluminium tube that fits over window handle is lined with bicycle inner tube kept in place by cable ties at each end. Easy twisting is achieved by using part of a “T” handled walking stick.


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Jul 032017

Client needed to use a walking frame but used a mobility scooter to get around , thus needed to carry the walking frame on the scooter. A steel frame was made that attached to the existing mounting points under the seat and rested upon the scooter frame at the bottom. The walker as rather large but was easy to fit on to the two arms of the frame.


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