May 042017
the problem
The problem
Finished solution
The solution
Levers and top hinge bracket
The client had difficulty operating the buttons of his door entry control panel because they were mounted too high to reach and the management company was unwilling to lower the panel.

The door control touch pad consisted of 3 vertical buttons; only the lower two buttons are used to talk via the intercom and to unlock the door. The client needed the action lowered by ~15cm.

Levers were fabricated from slats of hardwood; finger-sized push-buttons and key pads were turned from boxwood. The two brackets were made from convenient aluminium sections. The hinge-pin is an M6 coach bolt.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/18.

May 042017
handle in position
Handle in position.
wooden mold Wooden mould
Handle and mold
Handle being formed on mould.handle
Finished handle

The client has arthritis and finds the hot tap of her kitchen mixer tap very difficult to turn, as it is very smooth. The ideal solution would be to replace the entire mixer with something having lever taps, or at least replace the knobs with levers.  Researching replacement levers revealed it was nigh impossible to find the correct one without numerous trial and error visits.

It was decided to make a clamp-on lever to the existing knob out of GRP. The knob was carefully measured and traced. A hardwood copy was turned to act as a mould. This was wrapped with Sellotape prior to laminating with GRP, to facilitate release of the cured resin.

A lever was cut from pre-formed GRP sheet and incorporated with the strap wrapped around the plug mould. The finished moulding was painted and an M5 bolt used for clamping.



Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/23.

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May 042017
Unmodified plug  The problem …
bracket and plug
  … and the solution.
bracket The bracket

The client has arthritis and finds it hard to manipulate the plug of the charging lead into the matching socket of her laptop.

A simple bracket was made from 3mm aluminium, to which the charger lead was secured with cable ties.  It was bent slightly so that it did not foul the edge of her work-table tray.

A similar problem and solution: BK2015/28 – iPad tablet charging plug handle.



Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/22.