Apr 262017
bag in use
bag closed
The client required a bag to hold her shopping while using her wheelchair, but was no longer able to reach behind her to a bag hung on the seatback.

The bag was made to sit in front within easy reach with a strap that supports it from the arm rests.  Integral padding protects the thighs and calves from pressure.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2016/78.


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Apr 262017


These special jigsaws help improve the care of Dementia patients.  Shop-bought jigsaws are not suitable for hospital use. The specially crafted jigsaws are made from a wipe clean material which complies with the hospital’s infection control measures and will not break, snap or bend. They have been made in six sizes, varying in difficulty from 6 to 24 pieces and are all based around the theme of ‘memories from days gone by.’

They are conversation starters. The pictures on the front of them depict a time that the patients can remember and then the activity becomes about remembering and discussing that time, not just about completing a jigsaw.

A further development being explored is the potential to create bespoke jigsaws for individuals based on personal photographs, such as family groups. Again, the real value of these is that they can unlock memories and start conversations that promote mental wellbeing.


By Remap Doncaster

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Apr 252017

Client uses a walker and has difficulty in accessing her garden because of a high threshold. Special ramps needed inside and outside her door.


Two ramps, 800 wide and a landing were constructed from pressure treated standard decking wood from B&Q. An approximate slope of 1:12 was achieved for each ramp. The landing was fitted with upstands on two sides. There was no option but having two small steps at the door threshold because of the door design but these were minimised. Non-slip pads were fitted at strategic points.

Bristol case ref 6\16-05

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Apr 252017

The client who attends the pre-school, has dwarfism. The toilet cubicle is a standard child size cubicle, which Rosie finds difficult to access independently, as the toilet is too high for her to sit on. Can Remap create some removable non-slip steps with a hand rail so that the client can use the toilet independently. When she starts school, it is requested that the steps are removable and not too heavy so she can use them in her school.

Because of her small  size a two stage step of is required  and a hand rail has been fitted to the left  to provide her with support whilst mounting the steps. The attached photographs show the built item.

The body of the steps was constructed from 9mm hardwood plywood screwed and glued to a 34mm x 34mm planed softwood frame in order to provide the required rigidity and support structure. The handrail is constructed from a 34mmx34mm frame with 32mmx12mm infill bars placed at a nominal 62mm ( all are in accordance with BSEN 716 -1 . i.e. bar spacing limits 45 – 65mm ). The surfaces of the treads have had anti-slip strips fitted.

Self adhesive rubber feet, 8mm, thick have been fitted to the base of the structure to reduce the likelihood of the steps sliding around on the floor and to hold the wood work off the floor away from any moisture on the cubical floor resulting from spillages. The item just rests on the floor and no fixings to the floor or walls of the cubicle are required.

The steps weighing approximately 8Kg can be transported by one person with out difficulty. Each step of the  two steps are 95mm (3.75”) high  ( total height 190 mm (7.5”) ).

Bristol case ref 6\16-07

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Apr 252017

The client is a paraplegic, in a wheelchair. She would like to be able to use the hot tub in her garden, but cannot
transfer from her wheelchair into the hot tub. A transfer bench was made, 1200l x 600w x 700h with hand hold and resilient non-slip surface at Hot Tub sill
level. The bench is attached to the hot tub with cabin hooks to prevent it from drifting away from the hot tub whilst in use. The transfer bench is accessed via a fold out ramp 1800 x 760 connected to a 4 wheeled platform 900 x 900 x 220 – all wheels are individually braked – to raise wheelchair seat to transfer bench level. The platform upper surfaces have been treated with anti-slip tape in the areas frequented by the wheelchair, and the remainder of the platform upper surfaces have been treated with anti-slip paint.

The ramp has a gradient of ~1:9 in agreement with client, to reduce intrusion into the small area available for the equipment, and the ramp folds within the platform which fits between the bench legs when not in use. A weather cover was also provided.

Bristol case ref 5\16-04

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Apr 252017

The client who is anable to stand for any length of time to pursue her archery hobby, needed a small, light, portable stool which would fit into a rucksack. A standard folding “shooting stick” type rest was adapted by adding three extra legs. The special leg bracket adaptor was 3D printed.

Bristol casr ref 5\16-01


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Apr 252017

The client is wheelchair bound and needed to be able to take his new-born baby on trips using his Quicke Groove powered wheelchair. A pair of brackets were devised which will fit into the chair leg hanger fixings as these are not often used. A spare pair of leg hangers were obtained vie eBay, the parts not needed were cut off and brackets fabricated fron 25 x 25 mm RHS steel and aluminium tube, to suit the baby seat buggy/pram standard mounting points. The angle and height of the seat could be adjusted. The seat locks into position vertically using the standard latches.

Remap Bristol case ref 12\16-01

  Baby seat mounted

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Apr 202017
Modified spinner fitted to steering wheel

spinner before
Unmodified spinner showing opening …
spinner closed
… and now closed up

The client wished to replace the spinner that he uses to control his car steering wheel, but the replacement model had an opening in its handle which made it hard to use.

A metal closure was fitted and the whole padded with bicycle handlebar tape.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2017/20.


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Apr 062017


Attached are two pictures of foot and leg exercising devices designed and made by two members of REMAP Gwent, who do have a very special interest in those who suffer from MS and their inability to get the crucial type of exercise they need. This will also apply to any other person who has a similar lack of mobility problem.


The concept is for anyone who has to be seated for lengthy periods, either in a chair or wheelchair, to be able to maintain leg muscle power. That aim has been proved by our colleagues by using these devices within their MS group.


In effect they allow the feet to see saw in order to tone leg and foot muscles, this in turn would also help blood circulation below the knees, hopefully preventing the problem that many people in such a position can be vulnerable to develop, ‘Deep Vein Thrombosis’.





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