Nov 232016
topdoors closed New upper doors closed …
topdoors open … and open.
door pole
Pole to open and close the upper doors
Client has a monorail running from the bedroom to the bathroom which means that the bedroom door does not close. The client is a noisy sleeper and this disturbs the rest of the family.

Two doors were added above the standard door to close the opening.  Because the rail passed through the doorway at an angle, the new doors had to open in opposite directions.

Berks Panel Jobs BK2016/66.

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Nov 142016

The client is a brain damaged young girl who has just grown into sleeping in a hospital style bed at home.

Her brain activity is such that constant movement is required for her to be in a calm state and the handling strategies used by the parents previously are no longer possible.

A wooden trestle was constructed to fit under the bed.  Initially a rocking-chair construction was used, but eventually this was converted to a rocking-horse type suspension with the movement motorised.  For the prototype a windscreen wiper motor was used to drive a cam driven push-rod.  When it was realised that this was now an essential piece of kit that would be running all night every night an upgraded version was produced using an industrial motor/gearbox.








Bedford North Panel      BN 46/15

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Nov 092016
Kick step
Underside showing operating mechanism
Gliding around the kitchen
In use as a kickstep
Client only has the upper section of both her arms and is very adept with her two split hook prosthesis. There are times however when she finds it easier to manipulate items with her feet while seated. For this, she requires a low wheeled seat.  She also uses a kick step (as used in libraries etc.)  to reach higher items in her kitchen cupboards. This has spring-loaded castors that raise the step sufficiently to allow it to be moved by the user’s foot, but which allows the step to sink down onto the floor when stood on, for stability).  Because of the limited space available, the seat and step should be the same item.

A kick step was modified so that, by operating a lever, the castors could be locked in the down position (for use as a wheeled seat to glide around the kitchen) or be free to move up and down (for use as a standard kick step).

At the client’s request, it was painted a rather natty BRG.

Berks Panel Jobs BK2014/47.

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Nov 052016
Supports in use 
Completed job

Knee support Knee support
The unmodified ReTurn aid

The client has a ReTurn standing aid. After a stroke, her left leg has little function so when using the aid, her foot is prone to slip sideways off the platform and her knee also needs extra lateral support. She also sometimes wears a leg brace.

To locate her foot, a horseshoe shaped piece of plywood was made to fit around the front of her foot. The size and shape was made suitable to fit her foot either wearing normal shoes or the leg brace. The ‘horseshoe’ was screwed to the platform.

A curved metal plate was made to extend the lateral support given by the standard knee pad, secured using the existing bracket.


Berkshire Panel Job BK2016/63.