Aug 192016
Transfer disc 
Rota Stand
Ankles requiring support
final design showing extra padding
Board showing supports and padding
Final design fitted to ReTurn Stand

Board in place, with covers fitted
Final design in use
Aid in use
The client ankles are not strong enough to support her weight when using a Rota Stand when transferring from one seated position to another.

A plywood board with side supports was bolted to the base of the aid using existing bolt holes.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2016/38.

Aug 192016

5-16-03 planter

A number of residents at a care  home for disabled clients requested some raised beds outside, suitable for people in wheelchairs, or walkers with a seat, to access and work on the beds. Good quality decking boards were used. The beds were made with legs to minimise contact of the wood with the ground. The bottom of the beds were made to leave drainage slots between the boards. The beds were lined with permeable membrane (Sold to stop weeds coming through gravel), as this apparently makes the timber last longer.

Bristol Panel case ref 5\16-03

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Aug 052016
Seat un-modified
Original unsuitable arrangement

Seat modified
Foot rest extension fitted…

Padded footrest extension
.. with padding added.

The footrest of the client’s reclining armchair did not fully support her feet.

A footrest extension piece was made with tubular supports that mated with tubes fixed to the underside of the existing footrest.

Berkshire Panel Job BK2016/30.


An alternative solution to a similar problem:

BK2018/36 – Modify foot rest of riser/recliner chair

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