Feb 112016

image The client needs to pull herself up in bed and lower herself onto her wheelchair on either side of the bed, using straps. She has a floor mounted ‘A’ frame mounted overhead beam but it is too short and takes up too much bedroom space. A welded overhead beam was fabricated and fixed to a sturdy ceiling beam (provided by others). The beam was load tested.

Bristol panel case ref. 6\15-06

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Feb 112016

The client has learning difficulties and does not recognise numbers. He has been given an allotment near his home as he is a very keen gardener. The allotment has a keypad lock however which he cannot operate. It is necessary to first press C for clear. The client can do this. A five digit code has then to be punched in to open the gate, which he cannot manage. If all five numbers are pressed together, the gate will open.

To establish that the design basis of setting all keys simultaneously would not be deleterious to the lock, Borglocks.com was contacted – the lock is a BL3130 model (23/11/2015 at 1550) – who confirmed that the practice would not cause damage to the lock mechanism, provided the tool was removed prior to operating the lock.

The modified design therefore incorporates a recess shaped to hold the lock operator knob in the neutral position whilst the keys are depressed, and the knob can only be operated once the tool has been removed.

The design comprises 2 principle components, the code plate with 5 M4 x 11.5mm screws cut to length and smoothed to prevent damage and a cover/locator plate retained by a further 4 M4 x 8mm screws.

The code plate was fabricated from ¼” aluminium plate, cut to shape, and drilled an tapped with 13 holes to align with all buttons on the lock, with a cut-out over the C key position, and a recess shaped to fit the top half of the lock operator knob. Finished item was painted and positions identified to correspond with the lock, to facilitate easy re-coding.

The cover plate was fabricated from a piece of plastic coated tin plate steel, bent to cover the code plate and conceal the code pins, and facilitate alignment of the pins with the code buttons. Finally a holster was made from canvas to enable the tool to be carried on the client’s belt.

Bristol panel case ref. 12\15-03

The gate lock client components

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Feb 102016
Childs steps1

Childs steps2

Childs steps3

A 3-year-old child with cerebral palsy is unable to walk unaided.  To promote her independence, her mother wishes her to be able to use the wash basin with minimal assistance.  She had already bought wooden steps and needed side rails for safety.

Height adjustable tubular steel rails were fitted.

Berks Panel Job BK2015/67.


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Feb 102016


The client was unable to cross an internal threshold with his wheelchair. The standard threshold ramp was too steep and too flexible.

The new ramp is stiffer and longer giving a gentler slope.  It is also longer on one side to allow for the difference in floor levels.  The ramp folds and can be moved easily using the two hand holes.

Berks Panel Job BK2016/06.


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Feb 062016

The client who has limited standing, reach and gripping capability, has a gas fire with the control low down towards the back. It has to be pushed down, turned 300 degrees and then held to light. The client is unable to bed sufficiently to reach it.

It was judged impractical to affix a permanent device to the valve without impairment of the function. A prototype device was constructed using a pre-made handle from a power tool and a purpose made coupling with two slots which fitted over the head of the gas fire handle. Although this device works, the long term solution should be a new fire with a remote control facility.


Bristol panel case ref. 1\16-05

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Feb 062016

The clients condition leaves her very weak, and unable to lift her arms. She has a powered wheelchair, with which she is very confident and skilled but is unable to put on an outdoor coat independently. She has an overhead hoist available.

The client had a cape made which was fitted with 4 magnets sewn in as per sketch. A suitable frame covered in foam was provided for the hoist. Sitting in her wheelchair with the cape on her lap she can position herself under her electric hoist, lower the hoist and attach the cape via magnets to the frame. She can raise the hoist and cape, reposition her wheel chair, lower the cape on to her shoulders and pull it away from the magnets.


Bristol panel case ref. 10\15-06

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Feb 052016
image1 The client’s spinal problem made it difficult to get up from a sitting position at his desk. 

A ladder-type stand was made that allows him to pull himself up.  For stability, it is bolted to the desk.  The client is very happy with it and thinks it looks like a piece of Ercol furniture.  The space below the stand has been found useful by his colleagues to store their personal items!

Berks Panel Job BK2016/07


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