Jan 222016

The client has a problem with its elevating leg rest system where his legs slip between the calf supports and footrests. Also the head support is inadequate. The wheelchair was modified by fitting an upholstered panel and one piece footrest, bridging the gap and locking the legrests and footrests together. The chest/head support frame was replaced by a horizontal square MS tube with height and lateral adjustment, incorporating a locking facility for the adjusting straps.

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Bristol panel case ref 11\15-06

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Jan 212016

The client has difficulty in forming a cue rest with his hand. A rest body was made from hardwood and the rests 3-D printed in plastic. There are two different supports and spacers, and an M5 button-headed socket screw.The support is dis-assembled using an allen key

Brisrol panel case ref 11\15-04


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Jan 212016

The client is small for his age (inside leg 190mm). A standard balance bicycle had been obtained by his parents and wheel sizes reduced from 200mm to 125mm diameter. The saddle was still too high (300mm) and this needed to be reduced a further 110mm.  Additional mods were made to shorten the fork pillar, lower the seat, fit fork wheel spacers and re-work the brakes.

Bristol panel case ref.11\15-13


Jan 212016

The client suffers from sever arthritis and has difficulty in bending to access her kitchen floor cupboards. Wire baskets were purchased form B&Q and fitted using appropriate brackets. A hook tool was made to enable her to pull the baskets out without bending.

Bristol Panel case ref. 12\15-05


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