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This section contains 3D printer files for a number of useful devices.   The GCode versions are for the Ultimaker2 printer unless identified otherwise.

Tin Markers for Blind User

With no eyesight all tins feel the same and after a bit beans on custard looses it’s attraction.  These markers are different shapes and have a large raised letter to tell the contents (C = custard etc). A small disc magnet is glued on the back and  when a sighted person puts tins in the cupboard they attach the shape to the top of the tin.

[ddownload id=”4875″ style=”button” text=”tin marker”]

Larger Tin Markers

A larger version of the tin markers described above.

[ddownload id=”4878″ style=”button” text=”Large Tin Markers”]

Laser Holder for Parkinsonism

A common problem with Parkinsons Disease is that of freezing, people can’t get moving once they are up. Some describe it as having their feet glued to the ground. North Herts developed a simple laser pointer which projects a bright line on the floor ahead of theuser.  If they then attempt to stand on the line this will often get them moving again.  This design is for the laser holder which attaches to a finger with Velcro.

[ddownload id=”4882″ style=”button” text=”Parkinsons Aid”]

Base for Raspberry Pi

A base for a Raspberry Pi.   [ddownload id=”4883″ style=”button” text=”Rasperry Pi base”]


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