Jul 302015
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The client required a telescopic dressing stick with a handle suitable for her reduced hand gripping ability.

The stainless steel telescopic shaft of an inspection tool formed the main body. An aluminium handle was formed to match the
shape of the client’s hand, joined by a small cover plate. A turned aluminium boss was attached to the handle and this was push fit glued to the telescopic body. A coat hanger and rubber thimble formed the hook.


Berks Panel Job BK2015/24.


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Jul 302015

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Original metal version
Later 3D printed version…
… and USB memory stick

The client’s limited dexterity means that she cannot plug and unplug the charger of her tablet.

A bracket was made from two brass rings soldered to a small brass plate and attached to the charging plug with cable ties.  The client no longer relies on others to recharge her tablet.

This aid was subsequently replaced with a similar one made in ABS plastic by 3D printing (job BK2018/25) with matching holder for a USB memory stick.

A similar problem and different solution: BK2017/22 – Laptop charging plug


Berks Panel Job BK2015/28.


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Jul 282015
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Knife in use

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Knife tang with pins added

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Knife and prosthesis

The client finds it difficult to safely hold a kitchen knife with her split-hook prosthesis.

The plastic handle of the client’s knife was removed and the blade drilled to accept two small stainless steel pins welded in place. The pins were located such that the hooks locate around them and the end of the knife tang locates into the hinge part of the hook under the elastic bands.

Berks Panel Jobs BK2014/46 and BK2015/45.



This proved so successful, the client asked for other knives to be modified in a similar way.

knife1  knife3  knife2

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Jul 182015
Stand in position
A special needs school required a miniature “washing line” to enable students to practice pegging items on the line as an OT exercise. 

The solution consisted of a wooden base with two upright posts 400mm apart.  Holes in the posts allowed the line to be set at 300 or 360mm above the desktop.  The free end of the line was secured to one of the posts with a Velcro strap.  A low-cost commercial suction pad was used to hold the device firmly in place, the desktop being very smooth.

Berks Panel Job BK2015/21.



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Jul 172015
Harness in use
Harness in use
Load-bearing harness
Load-bearing harness
Two harnesses attached
The two harnesses combined
The original request for a child seat was found not to comply with mobility scooter regulations.  It was agreed to make a harness to hold the child on the mother’s lap because it was felt that if a papoose-type arrangement is used by pedestrians, it could also be safely used on a scooter.

A load bearing harness of the type used by Air-soft enthusiasts or professional camera personnel was purchased.  A child’s car seat straps were modified to attach to the main harness via new webbing
straps and D ring attachments.  The child sits on the client’s lap on a small cushion to reduce pressure on the client’s legs.

The harness is easy to adjust with simple webbing clips and the child harness is fitted with a 5-point buckle and its own webbing adjustments. The webbing is machine stitched to stainless steel D rings. The child can be easily released by unclipping the 5 point harness buckle at the front.

The complete harness can be wiped clean or machine washed and then dried.

The happy client can now take her child out and says: “Just to let you know that I took [my daughter] out on my own today for lunch and a play about.  She had a whale of a time and her hands are kept busy by holding my walking stick. It’s the 1st time I’ve left the home in 10 odd weeks.  Great harness, thank you very much again.”

Berks Panel Job BK2015/07.


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