Jun 262015

Client has a 4-wheeled walker and needed the brakes to be operated with one hand and also to be weighted on the right-hand side.

Brakes. The clients right hand is weaker than the left, consequently, the walker was modified such that both brakes are now operated by the left hand.
This modification was effected in accordance with the method fully described in the report of Bristol Panel case no. 11\ 13-0 1
Stability. When the client is out walking he is a little reckless and has a tendency to fall to the left, and this has happened on a few occasions, causing minor injury to himself. 1.5 kg steel weights were fabricated to hang securely over the lower side-rails of the walker, one weight per side. This gave a small increase in stability, which probably amounted to no more than 10 to 15%

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Jun 262015


The Referrer was currently working with a 9 year old girl who has paralysis of her lower limbs. She can get on and off the floor by using two benches which she pushes herself up onto using her arms. She then transfers onto a Physio’s Plinth. The benches currently used at the school are the physio’s and cannot remain there.

Remap supplied a two step stool, long enough to replace the two benches.

Bristol Panel case ref. 5\15-02

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Jun 032015
Bath transfer bench
Bench with extension pieces fitted
Extension pieces
Extension pieces with boxwood dowel inserts, grooved to ensure free drainage.

legs extended
Legs with extension pieces fitted, retained with SS screws.

The client’s bath transfer bench has adjustable legs to cope with the difference in height between the bath and floor, but this is insufficient for the client’s bath.

The two outboard legs were extended to resolve this, re-using the original rubber feet.  The modification is fully reversible.

Berks Panel Job BK2015/27.


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