Apr 162015

The client uses a kitchen trolley to get around the house, resting her forearms on the top of the trolley. This is uncomfortable and the trolley tends to tip forward. Gutter supports were made from 150mm long x 75mm half round plastic gutter, suitably profiled, covered in soft white leatherette. The gutters were bolted into the trolley frame via a piece of profiled plywood.


Bristol Panel case ref. 3\15-02

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Apr 152015

The client is an 8 year old boy with sever tiptoe walking and needs to sit comfortably on the floor and maintaining his ankle at the correct angle to stretch his Achilles tendon and calf muscles. A special adjustable floor seat was designed with ankle support and a backrest. A Team GB seat was the basis which was mounted on a birch ply assembly which is adjustable in length with a foot assemble, also adjustable in angle (0 to 25 deg.). The foot part has a fixed 100mm section for the heel and a moveable 250mm section for the foot. An adjustable toe piece has been incorporated to stop the feet slipping forward and two ankle straps have been attached to the heel section. The straps are made of hook & loop tape for ease of use.

image image

Bristol Panel case ref. 1\15-10

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Apr 132015

The client has a Parker Knoll type recliner chair and needed it to be raised by about 2.5”. The base frame is made from steel sections and no commercial product could be sourced. A plinth was made from 3” x 2” timber and incorporated 4 small pads to achieve the correct height. The existing plastic feet were removed and the plinth attached to the frame with woodscrews.


Bristol Panel case ref. 4\15-01

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Apr 122015

Bristol Panel case ref. 1\15-05

The client, aged 92, has severe back problems and limited movement to bend down and is having difficulty reaching shelves in two corner kitchen cupboards. Can Remap adapt the shelves with a means allowing pulling out the baskets

A set of four 500 wide wire baskets were obtained form B&Q (Cooke & Lewis range). These were designed for side mounting of the runners so additional brackets were made up to fit to shelves. In addition, one basket was cut down in depth to clear the waste pipes under the sink.

A special tool with hook was supplied to aid pulling the baskets out

clip_image002Cut down basket

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Apr 122015

Bristol Panel case ref. 1\15-08

The client is a wheelchair user and has a wooden exercise frame. The wooden frame has a small ramp which he has to move over when exercising. He has asked if we could make a larger ramp which would be 600mm wide.


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Apr 122015

Bristol Panel case ref. 2\15-03

The client, who uses a wheelchair, has difficulty getting up from her settee, as it is too low. Standard chair raisers are not suitable.

The subject settee is a 3 seater leather settee standing on 4 feet each 50mm high, the front feet are each 210 x 90mm tapering to 190 x 60mm each retained by 2 off 6mm x 65mm socket screws, which are counterbored 15mm deep. Rear feet are each 90mm square tapered again to 60 x 60mm, and retained by a single central 6mm x 65mm socket screw.

The interfacing structure comprises a plank running along the front and rear each approx 100mm wide of a light coloured softwood.

The solution was to fabricate spacer blocks 100mm high to fit between the settee and the original feet. The foot retention screws were replaced with SS threaded rod 165mm long, each screwed into the original fixing points with large washers and nylon insert nut locking the studs in place. The counterbores on each of the feet were opened out to ¾” and a further self locking nut with plain washer was used to tighten each extended foot in place.

The spacer blocks were fabricated from recycled timber, cut to size, drilled, planed and sanded to finish dimension and finished in a red mahogany stain varnish similar to the original feet.

clip_image002 Spacer blocks fitted

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Apr 122015

Bristol Panel ref. 2\15-07



The client has a Recliner chair that is too low for her to easily get up from.

The chair is described as being supported by a rail type foot either side, so standard chair raisers are not suitable.

The castors were removed and wooden blocks attached as sketched.

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Apr 122015

Bristol Panel case ref. 3\15-08

The client has a 4-wheeled walker.

One caster wheel securing special bolt and housing was found to have their threads stripped. The caster wheel assembly comprises the wheel fork, bearing housing, special frame leg bush and wheel fork retaining bolt (M12). This all fits into the walker frame leg and is retained by two spring loaded pins.

A new bush was made and pressed into the bearing housing. A new M12 bolt was cut to size and fitted, retained by ‘Loctite’ and a new grub crew.


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