Feb 242015

The client needed an easily removable guard to fit to a sofa to stop her baby from rolling off. This was constructed from 1/2” plywood and comprised a padded board with forks, also plywood, which could be tucked under the settee cushion, thus preventing tipping.

Bristol Panel case Ref. 7\14-01

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Feb 242015

Client has very poor eyesight and difficulty in reading. A large lightweight magnifying lens in a holder was required.

A Fresnel Lens was acquired, and a frame to support it was made from 10mm plywood. All edges were sanded smooth, and the corners were given a small radius.

The flexible plastic lens frame from the manufacturer was bonded to the rigid wooden frame.


Bristol Panel Ref. 9\14-08

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Feb 242015

The client (96yrs) uses a trolley to get around her house.

The client leans forward on the trolley, with her forearms resting on the 23mm diameter tubular rails either side of the top of the trolley. Her arms tended to easily slip sideways off of the rails. It was agreed to fit a length of plastic guttering on to the top of each rail, with a padded cushion at the bottom of the gutter. The gutter to be placed to allow her hands to hold the front of the rails, forward of the gutter.

Two 250mm lengths of gutter were cut from a length of gutter, and the outer edges radiused, and all cut surfaces made smooth with no sharp edges. The gutter was secured to the rails with two shallow dome headed 5mm bolts each side, after the rails had been drilled. Two lengths of 25mm thick foam were cut to size and covered with white washable leathercloth to match the white gutter. The padded cushions were fixed to the gutter with high strength self adhesive Velcro pads.

Bristol Panel Ref. 12\14-02

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Feb 232015

The client has a wheelchair with power conversion. It is a new Invacare Active3 (manual) fitted with Alber e Fix battery powered conversion kit and the control box extends far forward beyond front of armrests, causing problems approaching a desk and table. The control box was relocated and can now swing away allowing clearance. The control can also be used by the other hand.

DSCF0102 DSCF0103small

Bristol panel ref. 1\15-09

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Feb 192015


A table was modified by altering the table angle, extending the leg to give adequate foot room and attaching a grip mat to the keyboard.

Bristol panel case ref. 8\14-04

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Feb 192015


Ramp made from wood with a non-slip surface and gradient 1:12 in accordance with LA guidelines also with 100mm upstands. Door cill retaining brackets also fitted.

Bristol panel Ref. 8\14-05

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Feb 192015

The client has limited leg movement and has difficulty in climbing stairs. A portable “half step” was needed. A portable step was made up from aluminium angle, plywood and dowel – see below. Dimensions 100mm high x 230mm wide by 200mm deep. Handle approx. 1000mm high. Note final version fitted with a rubber hand grip.

halfstep2 half step1

Bristol Panel case ref. 8\14-06

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Feb 192015


The client (2 year old) needed extra leg support on his highchair. A new foot platform was constructed, extending it by 4.5 inches with a non-slip surface.

Bristol Panel case ref. 8\14-08

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