Jan 312015
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Standing frame in use
frame folded
Frame folded

The client is unable to stand on his own and spends most of his time either in a wheelchair or on a low stool while at school.

A simple folding frame was provided with two rails at different heights. The lower rail allows him to pull himself into a standing position and the upper one allows him to maintain it.  The frame can be folded for storage or transport.

Its use was so successful, the client’s mother asked for a second unit for use at home.

Berks Panel Job BK2014/42.


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Jan 312015
Drum and stand in use
Stand dismantled

The school has a number of bongo drums which serve as instruments that the pupils can use and enjoy. The problem is that bongo drums are designed to stand on the floor with the user sitting forward and over the drum. This is not possible for a person sitting in a wheelchair, especially when upper body movement is restricted.

The solution was to construct a stand in two parts, a base and an upright which included the drum holder. The upright fits into a socket on the base and is held in place by two toggle clamps. The drum holder is in the form of a bricklayer’s hod which can hold drums of the various sizes owned by the school. The hod is attached to the upright by two adjustable, hand tightened, clamps which allow both height and angle to be set to suit each user.

The stand can be broken down, both for storage and for carriage when visiting other locations.  The plywood base allows the wheelchair wheels to ride over it without damage.  Three stands were made.

Berks Panel Job BK2014/40.


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Jan 302015
Blocks to raise piano
Blocks in place
Sustain pedal bracket
The client required his upright piano to be raised so that he can play while seated in his wheelchair.  The sustain pedal must remain at the original height.

50mm high blocks were made from layers of plywood and faced with mahogany to match the piano. 

A plywood bracket was clamped to the pedal to lower its action to near floor level. Because the upper surface of the pedal was curved, the lower surface of the top half of the bracket was hollowed out.  To ensure it conformed exactly to the complex shape of the pedal, the cavity was part-filled with epoxy filler, the pedal covered in cling-film and the bracket bolted in place while it set.  Once set, the excess epoxy and film were removed. The assembly then clamped firmly to the pedal.

Berks Panel Job BK2014/38.


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Jan 202015
Chair tray with toy tethers
Client playing with her toys
MDF sheet with tethers.
The client is a young girl who inadvertently loses her toys from the tray of her chair, which then need to be retrieved by her carers. A sheet of 10mm MDF was shaped to fit neatly inside the fiddle around her chair tray.  The sheet is held firmly in place by two G-cramps, although its weight may prove to be all that is necessary.  A pattern of 3mm holes, countersunk on the underside face of the sheet, are fitted with a selection of 2.5mm cords, each having a running loop on its free end.  Each loop is drawn tight around one toy.

The client can now play without the risk of losing her toys.

Berks Panel Job BK2014/39.


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Jan 202015

7-14-09 bus ramp tool

The client is a bus driver with 1st Bus and walks with a stick. The double-decker buses have a standard built-in wheelchair ramp which is extended when needed by opening a small flap on the floor and deploying the ramp manually with a lever arrangement. This requires some effort and balance which the client was struggling to achieve whilst using his stick. A safe method of him operating the bus wheelchair ramp was needed as without it his job was in jeopardy.

A tool (pictured) was devised which lifts the flap and deploys the lever, enabling the driver to remain standing whilst operating the ramp lever. The tool is telescopic for easier stowage. Additionally, a small collapsible 3-legged stool was supplied as an alternative to using the tool if the driver wishes to operate the ramp whilst sitting. The choice of methods is dependent on the terrain adjacent to the bus door.

Bristol panel case ref. 7\14-09 John BH

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Jan 202015

11-14-06 Special bed raisers

Client weighs 197 Kg and needed his bed raised by 6 inches. Special consideration was given to strength and stability. Tubular extensions with pads were made from steel and bolted to the existing bed steel frame.

Bristol panel ref case 11/14-06 John BH

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